What are the different ways to ship a boat?

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All can’t ship their boat with one mode of transportation. As different places have different modes. Some may find over the land shipping the perfect way for them while some airways could be the best option. 

Therefore, we have prepared a tutorial that will guide you with the different ways you can ship with your boat. The choice is yours which mode of transportation will you choose for your boat. Now, let us see what those different methods are.

Different ways to ship your boat.

Shipping a boat can be challenging and hard to do. Therefore, to cut off your extra tensions there are many different ways through which you can ship your boat. Every mode has its perks and corks. Let us go through them.

1. Shipping Boat by Oversea.

In this, your boat can be shipped from one country to the other through waterways. In other words, your boat is loaded on another ship, and then it is transported to the appropriate destination. This is done within one country to the other. Also if you want to ship your boat at a closer distance that is too possible.

2. Shipping Boat by Overland.

As the name suggests, here the boat is transported through roadways. For this purpose, you will require a trailer. This will be used to transport your boat via land. However, if you don’t have a trailer then do not panic as the company will help you find one. The cost of overland boat shipping from one state to the other will be different as compared with overseas boat shipping costs.

  1. Shipping Boat by Airways
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Another boat shipping method is through the air. This is the best way to transport smaller size ships. However, it is very expensive and not a good option for the bigger boats. It would be better if you prefer the oversea or overland transportation facility for larger boats. It would be more convenient. But if you are running out of time and want to ship boats at an early notice then the airway is the perfect option to go with.

4. Shipping Boat through ROLO (Roll-In Roll-Off).

This method is commonly used and is quite easier. For this purpose, your boats are rolled in the trailer and are kept far from the ship. As said if the boat does not come with a trailer a special cradle will be provided by the company.

5. Shipping Boat through LOLO(Lift-In Lift-Off).

This is the best method if your boat is larger. LOLO method is preferable when your boat is bigger than the size of the trailer. This method is quite expensive as compared with the other method. Because here your boat will need some extra equipment to cover it from all the sides.

6. Flat Racks Boat Shipping.

In this method, the private boats are wrapped to prevent them from any damage. As it is wrapped with the material it will protect your boat from the dirt, dust, and any other environmental moisture content around the boat.

  1. Freight Carriers.

Here you need to reverse the space to ship your boat. Here many owners have hired services of NVOCC (Non-vessel operating common carrier) and also of Freight Forwarder OTI.

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Both NVOCC and Otis are governed under the regulation of FMO (Federal Maritime Commission). But make sure that the company has the most work experience and is the best to ship your boat properly. It is your responsibility to find a company that will be best to transport your boat.

Wrap up.

Whether you go through overseas, or by land or whatever method you find best to ship your boat make sure that you hand it over to the most trusted hands. The company that will ship your boat must have good work experience. Apart from this, it is hard to transport a boat and you have to perform a lot of pre-practice before you let it ship. So, keep a note of every possibility and make sure that you have the complete documents that are necessary to ship a boat through the countryside or within states. That’s all for the article.