5 Irrefutable Reasons Why Ball Pythons Make Good Pets

Ball Pythons Make Good Pets

Ask any snake owner for some pet snake recommendations and we guarantee that a ball python will be on their list. It’s not some herpetological insider secret though. Ball pythons are the most popular choice of pet snake in the exotic pet industry—and for a very good reason. In fact, we can think of five that cement the ball python’s status as being an amazing pet. So if you’re curious as to what all the hype surrounding ball pythons is about (or are on the fence about getting a ball python for yourself), here are the top 5 reasons why ball pythons make good pets:

The number of morphs (Hint: there are a lot)

We’ll be the first to admit that looks alone don’t make an animal a good pet. But it’s impossible to deny that having a cool-looking pet can make the ownership experience all the more fun and entertaining.

Ball pythons have the most morphs (colors and/or patterns that are different from their normal coloration) of any other popular pet snake variety. And when we say that there are a lot of ball python morphs, we mean a lot. The number of morphs is in the thousands—and counting—as new morphs are constantly being created and discovered.

Straightforward care requirements

Moving on to the practical aspects of having a ball python as a pet. Caring for ball pythons—and reptiles in general—is typically worlds easier than caring for a dog or a cat. These are highly independent creatures needing very little by way of social interaction or physical activity. Ball python owners don’t have to worry about making sure they have room to roam, toys to play with, or someone there to keep them company.

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Ball pythons are particularly easy to care for however and are considered to be considerably low-maintenance, even by a reptile’s already lax standards.  When it comes to their environment, they like it warm and humid. Being native to central African semi-forested areas, maintaining higher humidity levels isn’t hard to do. In the case you don’t get their temperature variations the first time, this snake breed is hearty and tolerant of less-than-perfect living conditions.

Great temperament & social

It’s safe to assume that a pet owner would want to have some level of interaction with their pet, no matter how minuscule. While reptiles aren’t known to be the most affectionate or cuddliest of creatures, ball pythons do a great job of fighting the stereotype. These mild-mannered sweeties are naturally very docile and non-aggressive. This disposition also lends itself well for their ability to tolerate handling by their owners.

Whereas many other snakes prefer more of a look-don’t-touch kind of relationship, ball pythons are known to do well with daily handling. They are one of the snakes that allow for the greatest amount of physical contact.

Small, manageable size

Size matters, and ball pythons are the Goldilocks of snakes. Not too big, not too small, this species rarely exceeds 6 feet in length, with the average ball python being between 4 and 5 feet long. This is convenient not only because their small-ish size makes them easy to pick up and move (say for handling or removing them for a tank cleaning), but because the larger the snake, the more expensive their enclosure will be. It would also mean that their housing would take up more room in your abode. If you’re tight on space or don’t have a backyard to speak of, a ball python doesn’t take up much room and doesn’t require anything outside their glass walls.

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Easy on the wallet

A result of all the great qualities of ball pythons mentioned earlier, also spells good news for their owner’s wallets. Since ball pythons don’t need much by the way of attention, entertainment, or even space, raising one of these snakes can make them a surprisingly low-cost pet option.

One of the biggest cost-effective aspects of a pet ball python is how infrequently they eat. Only needed to be fed every 10-14 days, adult ball pythons will probably eat about 2-3 rodents a month. The exact price of these rodents can vary on the size, but can be $2 or less per mouse. Food costs, which are the most substantial ongoing cost of a ball python, can easily run less than $10 a month!

Buying Your Pet Ball Python

Thinking about buying a ball python? If so, what are you waiting for? It’s hard to argue with the facts, and the fact is: ball pythons make great pets. From their good looks to their winning personality and their low-maintenance care needs, ball pythons are a pet-lover’s dream.

You can find ball pythons for sale online as well as rare and beautiful ball python morphs at specialty online reptile shops. These retailers are dedicated to supplying the best variety of reptiles along with all the equipment you’d need to care for them, all in one convenient place.