What’s Your Sex Drive’s Sleep Number: The Link Between Marijuana and Sex

What's Your Sex Drive's Sleep Number: The Link Between Marijuana and Sex

Looking for a natural libido booster? If you’re open to using marijuana and cannabis products, then perhaps marijuana can help you supercharge your sex life.

But what’s the connection between marijuana and sex? Read on to find out!

Cannabis and Sexuality

The relationship between cannabis and sex is complicated. Scientists say that THC enhances the perception of pleasure and elevates the mood of people who use it.

According to the sociology department at the University of California Santa Barbara, THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid in marijuana, can boost your mood and reduce your inhibitions. This, combined with the higher perception of pleasure, means that cannabis might help you enjoy sex more.

You don’t even need to smoke cannabis to enjoy these benefits. For example, cannabis concentrates that are packed with cannabinoids and terpenes can give you all the goodness of cannabis without having to smoke it.

Marijuana and Sex

Marijuana also affects the physical performance of the people who use it. The effects of marijuana on the act of copulation itself is not yet fully understood.

The use of marijuana for pain relief is one of its medically accepted applications. People who have chronic pain might avoid sex altogether. For those people, marijuana can improve their sexual health to give them the chance to enjoy sex like never before.

However, some people tend to relax and lose focus when they use marijuana. For those people, marijuana may, in fact, reduce their sexual performance instead of enhancing it.

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Marijuana has the power to reduce your inhibitions and allow you to enjoy the moment. Using marijuana might help you come closer to another person who might eventually become your significant other.

However, if you use marijuana in a relationship, you should always discuss it openly with your partner. Communication is essential for a healthy relationship, and if marijuana is involved, you must make sure your partner knows and approves of it.

Only you and your partner can decide the role of marijuana in your relationship. For most people, it can be a powerful way to come closer, but for some, it might be a cause for relationship problems.

Fertility, Pregnancy, and Fetal Development

Sex eventually leads to pregnancy. According to recent studies, marijuana affects both male and female fertility.

When it comes to male fertility, frequent use of marijuana might lower sperm count by nearly 30%. Scientists haven’t figured out the exact cause behind this issue, but truth is that if marijuana lowers fertility for men.

Other studies have shown that marijuana use may disrupt the menstrual cycle in women, affecting their fertility. More importantly, THC also affects fetal development as it has the ability to penetrate the placental barrier.

So, if you want to get pregnant, avoid marijuana for a while!

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