New in Dubai? Have a good read

new in dubai

Dubai is the perfect place to have fun, but before you rush outside and start enjoying there are things you need to know first. According to The following article will make your Dubai trip more exciting by informing you with important details.

Everything has 5% VAT

UAE has been known as a tax-free country for so long, but now there is 5% VAT on everything. But still, the tax amount is small as compared to the other 150 countries for example in UK VAT is around 20%. In UAE VAT is on everything, eating out, hotel stays or a petrol filling.

Frozen school fees

School fees are very high in Dubai but the good thing is they are frozen for a year for the new classes started in September 2018. The government has announced that no private school will increase the fee as there is too much financial burden on the parents. At the same time, the government has invested huge funds in waterparks, animal attractions, and theme parks.

Opening a bank account

If you want to open a bank account in Dubai, first of all, you need is a salary certificate, the sponsor will give you no objection letter as per the bank requirement. You can apply it online or via phone but face to face contact is important for showing a passport and visa page.

Sunday is the start of the week

The weekends in Dubai are Friday and Saturday, Sunday is the first working day. Weekends are always busy in Dubai, as most people start it by having Friday breakfast and then heading to the beach in order to relax. You can take family and friends to the malls for shopping or to amazing parks to enjoy the fresh air.

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Three mobile providers

In Dubai, you can choose among the three mobile providers Virgin mobile, Etisalat and du. The providers don’t have much difference in their service so you can pick any service such as either postpaid or pre-paid. You can also get a phone with monthly installments as per the model. The data packages are quite expensive compared to the rest of the world. You can always change them as per the need.

Taxis and Metro the best option

Taxis in Dubai are not very expensive. They are air-conditioned, well maintained and charge you Dhs 1.82 per km. the starting is from Dh5 and the minimum fare is around Dh 12. Having said that, the Dubai Metro is an amazing option. It is cheap as with Dh3 you start a single journey and go up to only Dh 7.5. It is available everywhere in Dubai such as old Dubai, Dubai Marina, and business bay.

Deliver at your doorstep

Dubai is the only place where you will enjoy the door delivery service. Almost everything grocery, laundry, food, the pharmacy can be delivered at your step. Dial a number and give your order, it will be at your door in the next few minutes.

Getting your home

If you are looking for a home and find it within the budget. Move as soon as possible, don’t wait mostly people take advantage of it and by paying extra they can take your home, also ready home in winter. So once decided move should be quick.

Rental payments and estate agents

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In Dubai, rental payments are quite different. The landlords will not ask for the monthly payments but will ask you 3 or 4 cheques to meet the annual cost. Multiple cheques are very common in Dubai. If you can do it with a few cheques, it’s a good deal. The estate agents are not always there to roam around with you. You can check ads on sites like dubizzle and places are mostly unlocked so one can have a look. But still, estate agents will charge you 5%.

Driving license

You can get a driving license very easily in Dubai if you have one from your home country. You need to have a passport, current driving license, residence permit, sponsor no objection letter, Dhs 870 and eye test to apply.

Alcohol license

If you want to transport, store or consume alcohol you need to have a license for that. The best law in UAE. By submitting your essential documents along with DHs 270 fee you will get the license in 4 weeks.