Unveiling the Mystery: Why Car Window Tints Turn Purple and Bubble

Introduction: Car window tinting is a popular choice among vehicle owners, offering benefits like privacy, UV protection, and a sleek appearance. However, it can be frustrating when tinted windows start showing signs of wear, such as turning purple or developing bubbles. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the reasons behind these issues and provide practical solutions to keep your window tint looking pristine.

Understanding Purple Tints: 

Cause: The purple tinting phenomenon is often attributed to the breakdown of the adhesive used in the tint film. Exposure to sunlight and heat can accelerate this degradation, resulting in the distinctive purple hue.

Prevention: Opting for high-quality tint films equipped with advanced UV-resistant technology can significantly delay the onset of purple tinting. Additionally, regular cleaning and the application of UV-protective coatings can further prolong the life of your tint.

Debunking Tint Bubbles: 

Cause: Bubbles in window tint typically occur when air or moisture becomes trapped between the film and the glass during installation. Poor installation techniques, low-quality films, or rushing the installation process can all contribute to bubble formation.

Solutions: Professional Installation: Enlisting the expertise of a skilled professional ensures careful installation, minimizing the risk of bubbles. Choose Quality Films: Selecting reputable brands known for their durability and UV resistance can help prevent bubbling issues. Post-Installation Care: Allowing the tint to properly cure and refraining from rolling down windows for a few days after installation can prevent bubbles from forming.

The Impact of Inferior Quality: 

Inferior tint films lacking essential UV inhibitors are more prone to rapid degradation, resulting in issues like fading, purple tinting, and bubbling. Investing in high-quality tint films may come at a slightly higher price but is ultimately a wise investment in the longevity of your tint.

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 Understanding why car window tints turn purple and bubble empowers vehicle owners to make informed decisions. By opting for professional tint installation, choosing high-quality tint films, and practicing proper post-installation care, you can ensure that your window tint remains flawless and free from frustrating issues. Regular maintenance and careful choices during installation are key to preserving the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your tinted windows.