6 Caution to keep Outdoor Extension Cords Dry?

Outdoor Extension Cords

Technology is shaping the world by producing gadgets for different purposes. Today’s world revolves around electronic gadgets. Almost all of the world’s population require different electronic devices for completing their tasks. Devices are not only for work, but most of the entertainment and relaxation activities also include using gadgets. Therefore, the life that you are living and enjoying is majorly influenced by these technological innovations. Every device has a cable that you need to connect for using the device. While most of the walls have inbuilt cable points, it becomes difficult for you to plug more than one or two gadgets at the same time.

An extension cord is a very simplistic invention, but it has benefited people considerably over the past century. Extension cords are a need in today’s world. You need extension cords in your homes, schools, offices, colleges, etc. for using different electronic appliances. Most of these places position the extension cord in a place where the extension cord is safe and is convenient for people to plug in their devices. It is also a valuable device as sometimes the length of the wire of your electrical appliance is not adequate to reach the plug point, and therefore, you can connect your appliance with an extension cord and use them comfortably.

The main function of an outdoor extension cord is to extend an electrical cord in order to provide power to an electrical device that cannot reach a power outlet. Using an extension cord is very easy. All you need to do is to plug your device into the port of the extension cord, and then you have to plug the extension cord into the wall plug point, and your device will receive power through the extension cord. The extension cord is also a universally adopted accessory that everyone with electricity can use, irrespective of the age, profession, gender, etc. Being made from wires, circuits, an outlet port, and a plug, extension cords are safe to use. All the wires of the extension cord have a wrapping of and SOOW (Service cord that is oil resistant from the inside and outside, and is water and weather-resistant) cord.

plug point

Since most of the plug sockets are inside the house, you have to use the cord indoor, but you can use it outdoors too, as they have a protective coating that makes it safe to use outdoors as well. While using the cord outdoors, you need to be a little cautious as the cord gets direct exposure to sunlight and water. While sunlight might not damage the cord much, you have to keep the cord dry so that it does not get a short circuit and damage anything around you. Below is a list of six cautions that you need to keep in mind for keeping your extension cord dry so that you do not face any danger.

  1. DIY EXTENSION CORD COVER: This is one of the best tricks for keeping your power strip dry and safe from the wet surfaces. You need to purchase plastic containers and drill holes at each end of the container. Since plastic containers are stiff, they can easily become a dry box for you to place your extension cord. The holes that you drill should be big enough for passing the wires of the extension cord, but they should not be very big as water, dust, and other elements can enter the box. In the next step, you need to carefully place the extension cord inside and let the wires pass through it safely. For the last step, you just have to put the lid on the box, and your extension cord cover will be ready.
  2. WRAP THE EXTENSION CORD IN A PLASTIC BAG: Plastic is the best way to keep your extension cord dry. It does not allow water or any other elements to damage the extension cord. Another effective way of keeping your extension cord dry is by wrapping it in a plastic bag. All you need to do is take a good quality plastic bag and cover the wire and the extension cord together. After covering it, you just have to wrap it and keep it at a safe place so that it does not get any external damage. This method is very effective and easy to do.
  3. PLUG IT OUT AFTER USE: An extension cord helps you in lighting up the outdoors of your house so that you can enjoy the weather and spend some time with your loved ones. Since you will only be out when the weather is nice, dry, and pleasant, you should use the extension cord only for the time you need the lights. Once you enjoy your time and do not need the extension cord, you can plug it out and keep it indoors so that it does not become spoiled. There is no use of keeping the extension cord outside while you are not using it as it will only cause unnecessary damage to your extension cord.  PLUG IT OUT AFTER USE
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4. DO NOT NAIL IT TO THE WALLS: Running extension cords through your ceilings and walls can be dangerous. You should avoid doing so as running it through the walls and ceilings increases the chances of overheating which may further cause a serious fire accident. You should also not nail your extension cord to the walls, doors, windows, and ceilings as it can harm the insulation of the extension cord. You should also avoid nailing the extension cords in areas like walkways and doorways as you can tangle yourself up and get an electric shock. The best way to use an extension cord outdoors is by unplugging it after its use so that it does not cause any damage to your home or office.

 5.KEEP TRACK OF THE DAMAGE: You are safe if you keep your outdoor extension cords in a plastic box. But, you should also keep track of all the damages your extension cord has due to its usage. After using your extension cord for a very long time, it starts to wear out; and since the extension cord is outside, you do not pay much attention to it. You should stay aware of all the damages that your extension cord has so that you can replace it at the right time. A damaged extension cord can give you a serious electric shock if it comes in contact with water and becomes wet.

 6.DO NOT OVERLOAD THE EXTENSION CORD: Overloading an extension cord by connecting it with a large number of appliances can be extremely hazardous for you. Overloading also causes overheating which can increase the chances of short circuits. If your extension cord is outdoors, you should place it in such a place so that it does receive any heat or water. If your extension cord is on and it receives a lot of heat, the extension cord can easily catch fire. You should also be cautious with water as an extension cord with an overload can cause a lot of danger when it comes in contact with water. 

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Extension cords make work easier for you because of their high level of compatibility with almost all kinds of electronic appliances. Placing extension cords outdoors can be a little risky as your extension cord gets a lot of exposure to heat and water. In order to protect your extension cord from all such elements, you need to keep your extension cord dry. You can find some helpful tips in the article that will help you keep your outdoor extension cord dry. Staying safe should be your priority and you should take all the right steps for the same!