Top 5 Best Things to Do In Denver, Colorado

Top 5 Best Things to Do In Denver, Colorado

You’re doing Denver wrong.

The Mile High City is more than hippy hiking excursions and beer-laden city cruises. It’s a rich and vibrant place to live — so much so that the U.S. News & World Report named it one of the top five cities live in in the U.S.

So what are the best things to do?

Sure, drinking a beer or stouter beverage could be in the mix. And, the outdoors are undeniably attractive. Those will inevitably come up along the way.

Let’s look at seven of the best things to do in Denver, Colorado. At the same time, these should be taken as a good, but limited sampling for a city-proper with about 716,000 residents.

Let’s go.

1. Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Stimulate the mind and the sense by going to the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. A city’s museum is a snapshot of a global and even interstellar picture of the wide and wonderful universe.

Permanent exhibits focus on varying topics from mummies to Native American to dinosaurs and wildlife. Things stay fresh with a rotating band of temporary exhibits. Now, the museum features a look at the many contributions of Leonardo da Vinci who died 500 years ago in 1519 and mind-bending exploration of how human sense shape one’s reality.

2. Cherry Creek State Park

Like I said, outdoorsy stuff in Denver is unavoidable because this place is flippin’ beautiful. This 4,000-acre state park includes a lake, modern campsites, fishing, trails, you name it this place probably has it.

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It’s also pet-friendly with dogs allowed on leashes in most areas and 107-acre dog off-leash area where you can let your pups run. Hit 2 Dog Paws before you go.

3. Union Station

The Denver Union station is the main rail station in the city. It’s in the renowned Lower Downtown (LoDo) district and acts as a hub for many things that are essential Denver.

Its historic station was reclaimed and renovated. It opened in 2012 as a mixed-use development. That means it has hotels, restaurants, bars and shops. A good one-stop for a lot of touristy things.

4. Denver Botanic Gardens

The Denver Botanic Gardens are at the peak in the spring and summer. It acts a combination of museum, art gallery, venue and (for some part) cafe.

This site is run by a nonprofit that connect people to nature and the environment at large by helping them understand the power and beauty of plants.

5. Downtown Aquarium

Just keep swimming… The underwater adventures here dive deep into the wonders of ocean life. Along with everything you’d expect, see the unexpected in the aquarium’s mermaids shows. The aquarium also includes a restaurant. Ironic or not, fish is on the menu.

What do You Think are the Best Things to Do in Denver, Colorado?

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Where would you go for your trip? What are the best things to do in Denver, Colorado?