5 Ways To Make Your Home In Leawood More Spacious

Home In Leawood

The past two years have seen people stay at home more than they thought they ever would. Whether it’s working, studying, or even socializing, it’s all confined to our homes. To make the most of this time, many have started to renovate their homes in an effort to accommodate all of the tasks they’re now doing remotely.  A lot of people may find it difficult to make their Home In Leawood more spacious. Many don’t realize that places like hotels are designed to look like they have more space than they actually do. If you’re looking for a way to add a little more breathing room to your home’s interior, take a look at what the experts in the field of organization and interior design find to be the best ways to make your Leawood home feel bigger.

1. Going For A Minimalist Approach- Home In Leawood

Minimalist interior design is the talk of the town these days because it allows you to make the biggest impact with your home’s interior with as few accessories and fixtures as possible. This approach can help your home feel far more spacious and will give your home that modern look at the same time. 

If you wish to have a simple, uncluttered, and reductive feel in your home’s interior, then there’s no better option than this. Decorate your home without fear of dead space. Whether it’s shelves, dressers, or countertops, ask yourself, “Do I really need this?” 

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2. Get Rid Of Things You Don’t Need

Getting rid of objects cluttering up your home’s interior is an important step to freeing up space. Before tackling the chore, take the time to walk from room to room and clear out anything you feel you don’t need regularly. If you think a few things are lying around that you could do without, maybe it’s time for a garage sale.

A good way to start is by creating a bin for all of your clutter. It will serve as a place to store all of the things that you don’t need and will make sure you know where they are in case you do need them later on

3. Make A Habit Of Storing Things

Get creative with the way you organize and store things by folding blankets when they’re not in use, keeping pet toys in their place, and hanging photos on the wall rather than having them on furniture. 

A good way to speed up this process can be purchasing multi-purpose furniture for your home. Ottomans and chairs with hidden storage are great ways to organize and keep your rooms looking spacious.

4. Make use of mirrors

Mirrors are magic when it comes to giving the perception of a spacious room. Large mirrors at the end of the room reflect and give the illusion that the room is much larger than it actually is. 

5. Get Pocket Doors and Steel and Glass Dividers

You’d be surprised at how much dead space a door can cover-up. Rather than having conventional interior doors, pocket doors can add much more functionality to your home and give you more free space. Because they slide inwards rather than swinging out like conventional doors, they’ll be sure to open up space in small rooms or tight spots. 

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Pocket doors and steel dividers combine beauty with functionality to help you regain the space lost by traditional doors.

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Following these steps can bring you closer to a home that doesn’t feel cramped. Small things like getting rid of things you don’t need can make a huge difference in decluttering your home and giving you more space. 

Similarly, adding mirrors to your room as well as installing pocket doors can also make your home look and feel much more spacious. Pocket Doors and Steel Dividers are a great way to add an element of luxury to your home while at the same time creating more space. 

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Iron doors can also complement your room’s decor if you’re going the minimalist route to free up more space, as they’re able to make a huge statement while occupying a small portion of your room. You can view their full range of doors here or contact them to discuss your options.