Why Escape Rooms Could Help with Mental Wellbeing

Escape Rooms Could Help

In a busy modern life, almost all of us experience stress at one time or another. Perhaps you’re feeling stuck in a rut, or having a rough period at work. Maybe you’ve had some tough personal stuff going on and you just need a way to switch off.

There are lots of great ways to get a handle on your mental wellbeing, but one you might not have considered is an escape room. Quest rooms and escape rooms are an opportunity to take time with a small, specific group of friends and focus your energy on a problem that exists outside your everyday life. We’ve all heard about the benefits of mindfulness, to take your focus outside of yourself, but perhaps meditation isn’t the only way to get outside yourself. Taking on an hour of make-believe rum-running or an attempt to escape the matrix could be the ideal way to allow yourself to decompress.

If you are lucky enough to live in Calgary or Edmonton, then you have an Escape Hour location right on your doorstep. You might be struggling with feeling socially anxious, in which case a distracting task and the ability to socialise with a pre-set, smaller group of friends could be ideal for you. You get the benefits of a fun group situation with none of the usual awkward lulls in conversation or the need to introduce yourself to new people. You can get straight down to the excitement of the challenge in front of you and the pleasure of spending time together.

If you choose a locker room scenario, it could be the perfect way to allow you to mentally break out of a rut. The hit of dopamine released by your brain when you successfully complete a puzzle doesn’t just give you warm fuzzy feelings, it also acts as a cognitive enhancer. Who knows, perhaps breaking out of your locker room escape hour could be the beginning of a new leaf for you?

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If you need to ease yourself into a social setting or are still feeling nervous after the pandemic, then an escape room is the ideal way to get yourself used to being out and about. You only need to interact with a limited number of people to participate and if you’re really feeling vulnerable then you can take advantage of our virtual options instead! Escape rooms could help and can be a safer option, so you can stay serene and still be social.

Feeling good is a complex puzzle to crack, but an Escape Hour session could be a piece of the jigsaw on the https://escapehour.ca/edmonton/.