10 Top Benefits of Breastfeeding For Mom and Baby

We have seen many new mothers become reluctant when it comes to breastfeeding. Well, there are so many reasons in this case. On the other hand, it’s your personal choice. However, when you learn about the benefits of breastfeeding, you will take it seriously.

As we noted, there can be so many reasons for irregular breastfeeding. For example, if the mother is a working professional, she can’t breastfeed her child often. In this case, many women choose alternatives such as baby formula and other baby food products.

If you have the same issue, it’s time to change your mind. Before you look for the best bottles for breastfed babies, make sure you learn about the top benefits of breastfeeding. 

In this article, we will share the top breastfeeding benefits for both moms and babies. If you are a new mother or soon-to-be mother, it will be very helpful for you. Keep reading all points to know more. 

Top Benefits of Breastfeeding For Baby

It’s not unknown that breastfeeding is very helpful for babies, especially for newborns. However, many parents have no idea about its benefits. It happens when they become parents for the first time. To clear all doubts, we will share the top advantage of breastfeeding for your baby. Let’s find out:

  1. Ideal Nutrition

You might know that most healthcare professionals suggest breastfeeding over other things. And it’s essential for at least the first 6 months of the baby’s birth. Because it can give the baby complete nutrition. 

You can say that breast milk has all the properties that a newborn needs. It’s loaded with compounds, low in sugar, and high in protein which is good for all newborns. 

  1. Contains Important Antibodies

Besides being highly nutritious, breast milk contains important antibodies. And you already know how antibodies can help our body, especially the immunity system. Hence, babies need to improve their immune systems to fight several problems. 

In this case, regular breastfeeding can be a big help. On the other hand, babies who are not often breastfed can have health issues like pneumonia and infection. 

  1. Decrease Risks

When your baby is breastfed regularly, it will reduce a lot of health risks like respiratory tract infections, middle ear infections, gut infections, colds, allergic diseases, bowel diseases, bowel infections, childhood leukemia, and more. 

You can easily decrease these risks by breastfeeding your child regularly. In fact, most doctors always suggest everyone take this way to avoid such risks. 

  1. Improves Baby’s Weight

One of the best benefits of breastfeeding is it can help your child gain a healthy weight. You see, a baby’s weight gain is a crucial issue. Both overweight and underweight can affect your baby’s health. 

If you choose alternatives and readymade baby food, it can be the reason for being overweight. However, breast milk contains low sugar and high protein in this case. 

  1. Make Your Kid Smarter

Besides common benefits, breastfeeding can help your child with other things. In this case, it can make your kid smarter. How? To answer your question, we have checked some reports. 

As per a study, breastfeeding is very helpful for brain development. And it works way better than traditional baby formula. In simple words, breastfeeding can give your child positive effects. 

Top Breastfeeding Benefits For You

Now, you know what advantages your child can get because of breastfeeding. Well, it’s not the only thing. Regular breastfeeding can be beneficial for you as well. We have seen many mothers have no idea about these advantages. In the following, let’s find out about the top breastfeeding benefits for moms:

  1. Helps You Loss Weight

You might have heard a lot of things about weight gaining. According to a report, some women gain weight during breastfeeding. However, most women lose weight during this stage. 

It happens as breastfeeding burns more calories, especially when you are doing it regularly. After three months, you will notice a change in fat burn compared to non-lactating women. Though it’s not applicable to everyone. 

  1. Lowers Risk of Depression

We often forget about mental health during some special event. As per research, many new mothers can be the victims of depression after childbirth. Postpartum depression is becoming a common thing among women after childbirth. 

However, it can be resolved in some ways. In this case, regular breastfeeding can work like magic. You see, breastfeeding develops a connection between mother and baby which will be very helpful. 

  1. Reduce Disease Risk

Just like your baby, breastfeeding can reduce the disease risk for you. We all know that women can face several health issues after childbirth. However, you might not know that regular breastfeeding can lower the risk of high blood pressure, high blood fat, type 2 diabetes, arthritis, and heart disease. Hence, when you regularly breastfeed your baby, it will reduce the risk of breast and ovarian cancer. 

  1. Helps Uterus Contract

We all know your uterus grows during pregnancy, taking all space in your abdomen. However, your uterus goes through a process after the delivery. And it helps your uterus to go back to normal. 

In this case, the Oxytocin hormone helps this process. When you are regular breastfeeding, it will release a high amount of Oxytocin. That means the uterus contract process will be fast. 

  1. Saves Time

Last but not least, breastfeeding can save a lot of time. When you use baby formula, you have to prepare it first. On the other hand, breastfeeding is completely free. Even when you are not staying with your baby, you can use a breast pump. On the other hand, breast milk is always at the right temperature and ready to drink. 


When you participate in regular breastfeeding, it will be helpful for you and your baby. In this case, if you find it hard to maintain the routine, there are so many ways. Still, try to breastfeed your child at least twice a day. If you want to know more about this topic, make sure you contact your doctor.