Some common things done by successful Instagram influencers

successful Instagram influencers

Looking to be an successful Instagram influencers? Well, you are on the right page then. In this article, we will discuss some effective tips that will help you become an influencer. It will aid you to make your dream of having a successful business true.

But how do you define an influencer? An influencer is a person who has:

A huge following in a particular niche with whom they engage in communication actively.

The power to affect the purchasing decision of the people that follow them. It happens because of their authority or position or knowledge in that particular field.

The successful Instagram influencers have taken over social media platforms. Through their work, they gain a huge following, and then they have the authority to affect the purchasing decision of many people. That is why 92% of marketers in the year 2017 worked with influencers to promote their brands. One Instagram post from them can increase your sales or traffic by a lot.

Influencer marketing is part of all platforms; YouTubers with 10K plus subscribers are also influencers. But the most crucial medium for an influencer is Instagram. A person who has more than 10K followers or 5K plus likes or shares can be an influencer on Instagram.

Instagram has become a hub for women entrepreneurs, or stay at home mom, or wife to start a small business and earn money through influencing. You can start an online apparel store or a travel blog, and so on. But to do this, and motivate people to work hard and make the right decision is not easy. The end goal is to not get famous but to inspire people and run a successful business. The following tips can help you achieve this.

These are things that all successful influencers do:

1.      They post only authentic and genuine content

All successful influencers agree on one point, and that is posting genuine and authentic content. If you stay true to your personality and what it represents for your brand, then it will always appeal to the right people.

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If you post a lie on the internet, it will be known, and you will lose your credibility. Authenticity in your account takes many forms, like:

You cannot post any image; it has to be the best. Post less, but make sure you post the top image.

Don’t ever compare or use other’s work. You can take inspiration from them, but your content must always be true to the brand you are trying to create.

You may start as an influencer, but if your end goal is to start a business, make sure you take sponsorship from the right people. Working with anyone and everyone just for the sake of it will have an ill effect on your long-term goal.

2.      They know it’s okay if your brand shifts, staying authentic to it is important

It is true that when starting as an influencer, you need a niche. It can be fashion or traveling or food or fitness or a combination of two. But as you grow, your life changes and you move in a new direction, because that is what life is. What then?

Well, you can still be an influencer, all you have to do is take your followers along with you. Let them see and know-how and why you are making a sudden change and how it is a part of you realizing what you want.

If you are authentic, the people will love your real-life journey through your Instagram, and keep supporting you.

3.      They understand the needs of their audience

You won’t become a successful influencer if you don’t listen to what your audience wants. Thus, make sure that you know what type of content they are looking for, and what is relevant to the problems they are facing. For instance, a fashion influencer, knowing what fashion related problems are their followers facing is important to curate the content.

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When you come up with content that appeals to the needs of the audience, you strike a better connection. On the same lines, having an open and transparent communication channel is also important. So, engage in discussion, have live sessions, or Q&A, and so on.

4.      They work on multiple platforms

Sure, they are Instagram influencers, but that doesn’t mean that they have to limit themselves to one platform. They need to market their business on Instagram and let people know that they are available to collaborate.

Thus, they need to have a presence on other platforms like YouTube or Facebook or so on.

5.      They never give up

They reached the top because they never gave up. If you want to be a successful influencer, you need to understand that it will take time, patience, and hard work. You won’t get 10K followers overnight nor you would get great sponsorships deals easily. You need to work hard for the same for a long time, it is hard, but you can certainly achieve it.

6.      They give it time

No job is easy and that goes for influencers too. If you are thinking of becoming a successful influencer on Instagram, keep in mind that you need at least 90 minutes for a single post. It takes this much time to create an engaging post that can appeal to their masses.

Also, this work doesn’t end by clicking on the upload button. You have to promote that post, engage with people who comment on it, and so on.

7.      They started by working with microbrands

The key to success is to don’t target big brands directly. They won’t reply until you have work with some brands. To get your footing in influencer marketing, target local and micro brands. They are small businesses that also want more exposure. They can pay you in monetary or other benefits, and even program you.

Four out of five influencers are female, and 62% of businesses are looking forward to working with influencers. They are increasing their budget for the same. If you have a business idea and can influence people, try this out!