Measuring Diamonds for Your Wedding Rings and How It’s Done

Measuring Diamonds

Diamonds are often seen as these beautiful cut stones glimmering from every direction. It’s something that many spouses want to see on their wedding rings. But why do diamonds vary in pricing?

Are diamonds priced by carat? How are they measured? What’s the difference between a carat and a diamond measurement?

Find out more about how diamonds for wedding rings get their measurements. Continue reading below to see how a diamond gets its carat. Learn about what measurements you need to note if you plan to get one.

A Diamond’s Size and Weight 

There are many available diamond deals jewellery Vancouver BC offering various diamond pricing. Why does this happen? Are diamonds measured by their size, weight, or both? One thing to remember is that the size and weight of a diamond are different.

Diamond size and weight relate to each other but are also different. The size gets its measurement from the physical size of the diamond. The weight uses carat as its measurement, scales are also used to measure its weight.

Ways of Obtaining a Diamond’s Size

  • Using Diamond Measurement Tools

Experts use special diamond measurement instruments such as a gauge. For some, they use a diamond size chart. Although the latter is less accurate than the former. Many diamond charts come with the shapes, sizes, and carat weights ready.

  • Using a Diamond Certificate

There are diamonds that are laboratory certified. They will come with a report with key information like the size, color, and clarity of the diamond. Laboratories issuing the certificate should not have any affiliation with retail outlets.

Weighing the Diamond Via Carat

The carat weight is the most well-known way of measuring a diamond. Experts use a calibrated digital scale to measure the carat of a diamond. Larger diamonds have more value compared to smaller ones. But the carat weight describes the quality rather than the value of a diamond.

Carat weights aren’t equal to each other. In measuring diamonds, don’t let the carat decide everything. It is only one of the factors that show the value of your diamond. This is why it’s important to balance the measurement elements of the diamond you wish to get.

How Measurements Can Help You When Getting a Diamond Wedding Ring

There can be many reasons as to why one wants a diamond measured. One is to create the right setting size of the diamond. You want your wedding ring to be a perfect fit which is why your diamond measurement should also be precise. A well-measured diamond can fit finished ring mounts without trouble. The more you learn about proper measurement, the easier it is to know which diamond to buy and how much to pay for it.