Tips for Writing a Case Study to Grow Your Business

Case Study to Grow Business

Tips for Writing a Case Study to Grow Your Business-

The best way to ensure that your business will go to places is to win the trust of your customers. No one will come forward to invest in your business offerings if you fail to convince that your current users are complacent with your product or service. 

Boasting about your product or service through content will not be enough to convince users. People usually take recommendations from their friends and acquaintances before trying anything. One of the ways to make your users believe that your product or service is valuable is case studies.

A case study is a real-life example of how your product or service has been able to satisfy the users’ needs. A case study highlights the success of your business that encourages your potential customers to believe you and make a purchase. By cutting a long story short, case studies can help increase your customers rapidly. 

Before you know how to write a case study to grow business, you should understand why it should be a part of your content marketing. 

  • It tells that you know better about the problems of customers.
  • It provides a real example of how you nailed it and hence brands loyalty.

Here is how you should write a case study.

Find the right candidate for a case study

There is no use of publishing a case study if your potential clients cannot relate it to their real-time problems. A case study should be in-depth so that people can decipher what exactly you want to communicate with them. Although you have sold your offerings to numerous clients, not all of them will be an ideal option for your case studies. 

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You need permission and quotes. You will choose a client who has knowledge of your product or service in details, who can speak about the value of your brand so that potential clients can trust you. Of course, you must have a plan, but you need to put the speech of a user that hints at the success of your product. Further, it should not be fabricated. 

Make sure that you choose a client that has experienced the best results. If they have seen unexpected success from your product or service, they are more likely to convey the right message with great enthusiasm.

Make a complete story

A case study should be in a story format. People enjoy reading stories. It must have a start and finish. It must include:

  • Who is the customer?
  • What do they do?
  • The goal of the customer to invest in your product or service
  • What benefits did they get?
  • How your product or service helped the client to achieve your customer’s goals?

Make sure that you have permission from your client, who is a part of your case study. It will help if you have clear and open communication with your customer. Provide them with an outline of objectives and format. Try to get some engaging quotes from them to encourage your potential clients to buy your product or service. Make sure that your case study not only focuses on immediate solutions but also on long-term benefits.

Prepare the right questions

The first step before you approach the right candidate is to set a questionnaire. Make sure that the questions you set for the interview of a client are relevant to your product. These questions must revolve around how your business helped them get a solution to their problems. Here are a few examples:

  • What are your goals?
  • What challenges were you facing before buying the product or service?
  • What do you account for buying our product?
  • What factors did you consider to make a decision?
  • What benefits did you get from the product or service?
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While preparing a questionnaire, keep in mind that it helps you gain insight into how it brought success to your brand. The rule of thumb says that you should set open-ended questions. Closed questions will not give your potential clients much detail, and hence it will not derive better results.

Focus on a case study format

There is no one-size-fits-all format for case studies. It is upon you whether you want to publish a written case study, video case study or an infographic case study. 

No one would like to read a large chunk of text. As you are sharing your success story, make sure that visitors spend some time on it. Make it presentable by using headers, images, italic fonts, etc. You can find various designs online to get an idea of case study formats.

Case studies play a paramount role to improve the sales of a business. If you have a start-up and you think your clients are happy with your products, you should share your success to fetch new clients. However, you need to focus on overall content marketing strategy. If you are a novice to case studies, talk to a marketing expert who will help you from laying out the format to finding an ideal customer. If you do not have enough money to fund your needs, you can take out 12 month loan with bad credit from a direct lender.