From Development Market Trends to Practical Implementation – RENTAVED’s Expert Solutions


The top-10 global largest urban areas produce around 50% of world GDP, create conditions for realization of human potential and become hyperconcentration centers of resources.  

“Environment affects an individual, his behavior and the way of thinking. Therefore, developers bear a huge responsibility. Our company, RENTAVED, acting as a collective investment fund in development market is very careful in selecting projects for investment. It goes without saying that projects must be secure and profitable for all our investors. But it is equally important for us, however that such projects should become a valuable legacy for our children and future generations,” the company’s founder Ruslan Sukhiy reveals the concept of his work.  

“The world has drastically changed within the past months: it switched from international scale to the local one. Today in New-York, London or Paris, one can catch sight of much more people out of the window than during the crisis. It means that people do not aspire to spend their leisure time in central areas, but roam around their districts on foot. They become more interested in things they see around them. The demand for a convenient environment considerably grows. A person looks for the location where he can completely fulfill his human potential: get to work, go to the hospital, visit the mall within the walking distance. It is now of vital importance to build not just a residential estate, but a compound where children could safely go to school instead of being transferred by their parents by cars or specialized busses. 

The main objective of RENTAVED is to keep track of global trends, examine the worldview and make further actions premised on that. We make a great revolution on the development market and give possibility to private investors with little capital to become participants in huge projects with renowned global major development companies. We are working at the junction of developers and investors allowing them to jointly implement interesting and lucrative projects.

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Very often we take part in design and try to draw on both our experience in the past and our ideas about the future concepts. In the sphere of development, actuality has its period of validity, and to become on-trend, one should be able to predict the future. In order to understand what is going to be of interest in 10 or 20 years, it is important to keep an eye to the current trends that prevail in our sphere and make a forecast of potential variants in the future. First of all, it is all about an open mind and readiness for anything, regardless of the fact that new trends are almost impossible to predict precisely.”

Ruslan Sukhiy notes, “In general, architecture and construction are very well prepared to be predicted in the future. The main thing is to stay open-minded. We are not moving into the future, but create it in accordance with our investors and our partners – real-estate developers.”