6 Benefits of Sleeping with A Body Pillow

6 Benefits of Sleeping with A Body Pillow

Body pillows are much more than just cosiness and comfort. They are our true companion on the bed. We cuddle up with a fluffy pillow and realize how much important a good night’s sleep is. Try someday sleeping without a pillow and you will feel like lacking something essential for a quality sleep. Sometimes not having a pillow by our side makes us wake up sore or stiff as the firmness of the mattress can be hard on the head and back.

At times, not having body pillows means your neck will be in an awkward position which can definitely leave you embarrassed. It’s the pillows that give us a better sleep experience and ensure comfort in the bed. You can use them to toss and turn in the bed easily and improve sleep quality. However, it’s necessary to choose a right size with body pillow to keep the body aligned and free of pain in every angle and position.

Here are some of key benefits of sleeping with a body pillow –

  1. Weight Distribution

Body pillows helps us evenly distribute the weight of the limbs. Their placement ensures that our body is aligned when we sleep. This will ensure deeper relaxation and rest for the body. Similarly, we can use the pillow to adjust the spine and limbs and get relief from back pain and sciatica. Using a pillow between the knees can help relieve pain caused by bulging or herniated discs. We can do strategic pillow placement and achieve deep relaxation which in turn can improve our respiration at night. This will also help us achieve regulation of the blood circulation.

  1. Pressure Point Relief

Sleeping on firm mattress can easily aggravate your pressure points. Pain and discomfort will happen when your hips are not supported in a proper manner in the bed. Plus, our body will always shift position during sleep so having the support of pillows becomes necessary. Not using a body pillow can always lead to improper spinal alignment and pressure on the arm. When you use pillow along the body or between the knees, it will keep your aligned and won’t let you go into an awkward position. The pillow will also ease the pressure of the hips and make the body relax.

  1. Proper Sleep Position
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Tossing and turning can be really bad for a quality sleep. It can make also make your body feel a sense of discomfort which often leads to restlessness. All this happens due to your body not being able to have a proper sleeping position. With body pillow, you have something to hold onto and something that works as a support, so the body moves less, and you feel comfy and easy. Unlike holding on to a partner, the pillow neither produces body heat nor does movement to ensure a good night sleep every day. So, use pillows and feel on top of cosy comfort in the bed.

  1. Hug-like Sensations

It’s true that a body pillow gives sensations similar to that of hugs. You will also get the same comforting effect as a huge gives in real life. It makes you feel happy and safe, so going off to sleep becomes easy. When you hold on to a pillow, it keeps you full of pace and mind is free of distractions. As a result, you find it easy to doze off. You mind will stop racing and your muscles will feel relaxing when you hold pillow between the knees or under the head. So, benefit from the cosy comfort of pillows and improve your sleep quality.

  1. Stress Relief

Using body pillows is not only good for the body but also for the mind. Studies have shown that the use of pillow can release the hormone oxytocin which relieves stress. The same hormone is also known to calm the nervous system and warm the body. similarly, the comfort gained from embracing a body pillow is also known to help lower the heart rate which eventually assists in helping us fall asleep faster. So, it’s quite obvious that pillows help us in more ways than we could imagine and that’s why their use is always recommended.

  1. Good for Snorers
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Snoring can be bad both for the person affected and their partner. In fact, snorers are always at a greater risk for heart attack, stroke, kidney disease etc. When a snorer consults the doctor, dental appliances for sleep apnea are one of treatment options. Such person however should also try to sleep with a body pillow to see the difference. Side sleeping with a body pillow can actually help reduce snoring to some extent. You should definitely give it a try and see the results. There is always the doctor for help if this natural method to minimize snoring does not help.