Teaching Values: 6 Ways to Encourage Goodness in Children

teaching values

While schools teach your kids their ABC’s and how to add and subtract, teaching kids what is right and wrong is the responsibility of the parent. And it’s vital to start early. Why?

Benjamin Franklin said, “It’s easier to prevent bad habits than to break them”.

Yes, you’ve got to start teaching values to your children at an early age. If you don’t, they may pick up bad habits that are hard (or impossible) to break.

But what are the core values to teach your child? Read on for the answer.

Teaching Values to Your Kids

You can’t teach life lessons for children at a one-time event. Teaching good morals and habits will occur every day of their childhood.

More than 60% of parents feel they don’t spend enough time with their children. But if you really want to teach good morals, you need to be there and help them every step of the way.

But which values to teach your child should be top of the list?

1. Teaching Etiquette and Manners

Teaching a child manners isn’t something that can wait. Start from day one!

Use words such as “please” and “thank you”. Teach them to respect their elders and use polite language. Teaching kids respect, etiquette, and how to be polite is going to affect their relationships for the rest of their life.

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2. Honesty Is the Best Policy

One of the most essential virtues to teach your kids is honesty. Explain the importance of telling the truth and the consequences of lying.

Make it clear that even a white lie or cheating on an exam is also classed as being dishonest.

3. Resolving Disagreements

Whether it’s arguing with their sibling or disagreeing with classmates. One of the most important life lessons for children is good communication.

Train them to stay calm when facing confrontations. Explain that there is no place for rage when communicating with others. And even if they do have cause to bear a grudge, teach them to forgive and forget.

4. Good Sportsmanship

Some personalities are naturally more competitive than others. But whether your kid wins or loses, they should do so graciously.

Teach them to be humble and not be overly proud of themselves. All they need to do is say something as simple as “good game” to stop them from turning into a sore loser. Or a bad winner!

5. Be Kind

Another on the list of values to teach your child is kindness which comes from empathy. The best way to do this is by random acts of kindness and even volunteering as a family.

Whether it’s something as simple as helping a neighbor with a bag of groceries or volunteering at a soup kitchen. Whatever you do, it will help your kids to cultivate kindness and empathy throughout their entire life.

6. Practice What YOU Preach

When teaching your kids good habits and morals, the best thing you can do is be a good role model. Kids can spot a hypocrite from miles away.

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Your bad habits will become their own bad habits. So take a look in the mirror, and if you don’t like what you see, make a few changes. It’ll be worth any sacrifice you make if you become a great role model for your kids.

If you do these things, you’ll not only help to cultivate good qualities in your child, but you’ll also enjoy a better home life.

There’s No Job More Important…

Yes, there’s no job more important than parenting. Give your child a great start in life by teaching values from an early age. And when you’re old and gray, you can look back and know you tried your best.

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