History of Wooden Flooring

History of Wooden Flooring

Wooden flooring is an exceptional option that has its own aura and elegance. Since decades, we have seen how wood flooring has improved and brought changes in our interior style. There are plenty of options available among the wood floors that have the ability to enhance the interior.

We have discussed enough the wood floors, its type, precautions and how it matches up with various interiors. But, today in this article we are going to mention the history of wooden flooring. Curious to know about it? Keep scrolling until you reach down! 

• In earlier times, the hardwood flooring was the first kind of flooring used when the homes were built. What is, even more, is during medieval times, when the ground itself was considered as flooring. But, then the wood flooring came into the picture.

• The rich people were the one who first installed the wooden flooring inside their home. They used solid planks since they were handcrafted and also quite expensive.

• Around 1885, there was the invention of the solid matcher. Thereafter the modern machine made and tongue grooved flooring came into existence. Since the beginning of the strip, wooden floors began.

• In the 1800s and 1900s, the cities grew more thereby increasing the value of wooden flooring inside the home.

• In the 1940s, hardwood erupted at the end of World War 2 because wartime factories were built during the hardwood floors.

• In the 1940s the hardwood was quite labored expensive due to which the professionals were hired for the installation, sanding, and lastly, two coats of the shellac and wax were used on the hardwood.

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History of Wooden Flooring

• The year of the 1950s is known as the golden age for the hardwood flooring. While in the late 1950s and 1960 is the installation of the plywood as subflooring was seen. During this time, the business for hardwood lumber suppliers was booming.

There was also a shift towards the concrete-slab foundation construction. Since hardwoods aren’t possible to directly install on the concrete due to the moisture, the plywood was used.

• Around the 1980s, there was again awareness about the wooden flooring as the manufacturers produced the pre-finished hardwood flooring. It proved to be an ideal option as there were coats applied on top it for protection.

• In the same time, many different types of flooring were included. For instance, hardwood floors, prefinished, engineered, solid, glue down floors, nail down floors, and another exotic type of flooring were available.

• Now coming over the current scenario, it is clearly proved that the wood floors are the oldest and most elegant flooring options. As it fits with many interior and provides you a plethora of options, it has become a favorite choice among everyone.

So, that was all about the history of wooden flooring. It’s not only about the types that wood floors offer. It is also about the environmental and safety benefits it provides thereby making it perfect selection. If you like the blog, please do share and drop the suggestions in the comment section below.