Design Stunners: 5 Window Styles That’ll Make Your House Stand Out

Design Stunners: 5 Window Styles That'll Make Your House Stand Out

Believe it or not, but window styles can change the appearance of a room! In fact, you could argue that windows are the most vital part of the room. Why is that, you might be wondering?

Well, windows shape and size changes how much natural light gets into the house. The positioning of the windows will alert the brightness, and where the light lands. Don’t forget about the coloring of the windows themselves!

There are so many details that go into picking the right window style for your home. We’ve made a list of the top five picks that’ll rock your world!

1. Window Styles and Design for the Fab and Fabulous!

Playing around with window sizes can change up your window-game! The most popular design in straight foundations is little windows “oreo-ing” larger windows. This lets in a ton of light, but also creates cool designs.

Windows with black trimming make this style pop. These kinds of windows are the best fit for skyscraper condos or woodland areas. The goal here is to flaunt the design of the windows without missing out on a natural view.

2. Glass Type

Different glass types will also affect your windows. Stain glass windows might seem difficult to work with, but the results are stunning. If you have a library room with sunlight, then visit

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You can also add an accent window with a stain glass design for looks. Stain glass windows are gorgeous when you pair it with a hardwood floor room.

3. Length and Width

Do you know about floor length windows? Like their name, they reach from the ceiling of the room and trail down to the floor. They let in copious amounts of natural light.

If you have a stunning view, these windows are a must! Add this to the bedroom with wooden bed frame for a modern vibe.

4. Hinges, Push-Out, or Non-Opening

Next, you have to consider the types of windows that open or don’t. Do you want a functioning window that has hinges? This is becoming more and more of an antique design.

Instead, opt for the chic push-out look that’s popular for minimalist bathrooms. Wall windows are, for the most part, non-opening since they’re for looks more than use.

5. Positioning and Location

Some different kinds of windows we’re seeing more and more of are corner windows! They start at the floor of a room and have ninety-degree angles that fit into corn walls. You can get these as push-out or non-opening for your convenience.

Not only do they look amazing, the work great when you start to decorate your home. Accent a table with a plant, or place the window so you can enjoy a view while reading.

Choosing the Style That Transforms Your Home

Window styles can transform your home into a modern, chic palace. With a little planning and research, you can combine styles to match your foundation. Need help with this vast mixing pot?

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Out latest articles work to bring you the hottest design tips! Learn how to organize and mix-and-match without sacrificing style. Once you have your windows up and ready, work on your carpets and curtains next!