Astrological Benefits of Wearing White Sapphire

White sapphire or Safed Pukhraj is recognized as one of the most influential gemstones in the astrological world. Being white in hue, it is a perfect replacement of diamond and its astrological benefits are also similar to it. But unlike diamonds, Safed Pukhraj price is much lower and its hardness is measured at 9 on Moh’s scale which is just below diamond having a hardness of 10. wholesale handbags suppliers in Kerala

White sapphire represents the planet of Venus, and this planet plays an important role in love, marriage, romance, and luxury. It is believed that ascendants having Venus at the right place in their birth charts witness more luck in their favor. In historical times, it was used for invoking spiritual insights and bringing good fortunes.

Benefits of White Sapphire

The cosmic energies of the Venus planet strengthen the white sapphire. It carries unique metaphysical properties like its colored siblings. This gemstone is also a stone of wisdom and it invokes the strength of spirit. There are many white Pukhraj stone benefits that include:

Invokes Cordial Relationships

In the astrological planetary system, Venus is the planet that represents the aspects of love, wisdom, creativity, beauty, and art. When it is positioned in the right place within a person’s horoscope, it can lend amazing influences to their life. It increases affection and love by bringing more empathy, passion, and loyalty in relationships. As per Vedic astrology, white sapphire is considered to be a token of unconditional and lasting love. It also discourages jealousy in a relationship.

Brings Clarity of Mind

By clearing the negative thoughts and invoking new perspectives, white sapphire gemstone encourages clarity of mind. When a person is faced with different paths in life, this gemstone enhances objectivity to view each path and make the right decision. It also promotes integrity and aligns with your idea of lifestyle.

Protects from Evil

Due to its strong metaphysical properties, the white sapphire protects its wearer from evil and premature demise. It eliminates vulnerability to evil intentions, black magic, and severe diseases. As a stone of good luck, it negates the ill feelings and brings fortune and wealth to its wearer.

Supports Professional Growth

If you have creative instincts and talents, white sapphire gemstone helps to recognize them. Also, it gives access to your talents and helps to use them in pursuit of your dreams. White sapphire is also known as a professional support stone that invokes awareness of higher principles and stimulates wisdom. It helps to invoke the mind of executives and encourages good judgment in lawyers and journalists. People engage in professions related to art benefit a lot by wearing white sapphire gemstone.

Increases Spiritual Energies

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White sapphire gemstone stimulates the crown chakra in the body. It works as a gateway to the universe beyond our physical being. This stone can control the way we think and respond to the energies around us. It is a fountainhead and source of spirituality for human beings. By connecting you with the higher planes of the spiritual world, it increases your abilities to identify universal energies. When it balances the crown chakra, your entire inner self also comes to a balance and you can see the things as they are in the universe.

Cleanses the Soul

As a powerful astrological gemstone, white sapphire induces vitality and invokes energy centers of your body. It helps to cleanse your internal self using its brilliant properties. If worn correctly, white sapphire brings joy and peace to the life of its wearer.

Physical Healing

In your body, white sapphire can also stimulate pituitary and pineal glands. It helps to cure the problems related to thyroid. Also, white sapphire aids in the regulation of blood disorders and strengthens blood vessels. It improves the functioning of your nervous system and alleviates excessive bleeding. By improving the elasticity of veins, it adds more strength to these components of your body.

For all these astrological benefits of wearing white sapphire, it is important to choose a flawless stone devoid of any crack or discoloration. Remember that a flawed stone can have adverse effects on its wearer. Hence, you should be cautious when looking to buy white sapphire.

How to Choose the Right Stone?

White sapphire, like any other gemstone, should be selected on the basis of its attributes like color, cut, clarity, carat, and origin. There are no conventional standards for the grading of this stone and beauty of its color is a subjective aspect that can’t be measured objectively. Hence, you need to trust a seller like to find an authentic variety of white Pukhraj stone online. Here are the factors to keep in mind:


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In white sapphire, purity of color is the true test of its authenticity. Although it is a good replacement of diamonds, it has a lesser degree of brilliance and fire matter than diamond. You need to judge the color of this gemstone with your eyes. The color zoning should be consistent in a natural white sapphire.


When buying white sapphire, check the symmetry grade or the proportions and balance of the stone. It should have an even cut with perfect balance and ability to reflect the light.


Safed Pukhraj has some internal flaws due to which it is categorized as a Type II gemstone. The level of inclusions, surface blemishes, and transparency helps to judge the clarity of this gem. An eye clean gemstone fetches higher natural white sapphire value than a blemished stone.


The major mines of white sapphire are located in Australia, Sri Lanka, Burma, Cambodia, and Tanzania. But, white sapphire mined in Sri Lanka or Ceylon is the best quality due to its exceptional color and clarity.


Like diamonds, the value of white sapphire also depends on its carat weight. Since sapphires are denser, the diamonds of similar carat weight appear larger than white sapphire. Hence, you should consider the weight in carat before buying a white sapphire stone online.

When looking to choose the best variety of white sapphire or Safed Pukhraj for astrological purposes, these are some important aspects that you should know. This gemstone is not only beneficial for astrological reasons but it also acts as a stunning engagement ring due to its close similarity to precious diamonds.

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