5 Make-up Essentials To Carry While Travelling

5 Make-up Essentials To Carry While Travelling

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Are you going on holiday soon?      

Are you planning a short trip this weekend?

Are you wondering which of the make-up items to pack from your vanity?

Then, you are at the right place!

Packing for your travels is beyond just clothes. To look picture perfect during your trip, you will need some makeup essentials too! It is obvious to feel like carrying all your make-up items. But that will only add to your luggage & you will hardly get time to use all of them. So, it becomes important to identify the ones that will serve all the purpose.

Here is a list of 5 makeup items that you must carry in your next trip!

     1. BB cream is a must!

While stepping out of the house, you often do not feel like loading your face with tons of makeup. Hence, a minimalistic makeup look for traveling is the most perfect option one can opt for.

For summers keep your make up minimum. It will also save you from caking up your face in the heat. All you need is a BB cream to create your base & you will be good to go! Be it a beach look or a subtle look to match with your crop top dress sets, BB creams are always the best. They are a perfect ‘three in one’ package that acts as a moisturizer and sunscreen too. So, a BB cream will help you create an even look, hydrate your skin as well as protect your skin from the harmful sun rays.

However, if you are traveling in winter, then don’t forget to pack a good, full coverage foundation that matches your skin tone. This will help you even out your skin and create the perfect base for your make-up.

5 Make-up Essentials To Carry While Travelling

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2. Concealers to the rescue!

While packing your travel make-up kit, make sure you include the best concealer that suits your skin texture & undertone. Concealers not only even out and brighten the under eyes, but can also work as a color corrector, brow definer and a tinted moisturizer. If you run out of your BB cream or foundation, just mix your concealer with some moisturizer and apply it evenly on your skin for the perfect base!

5 Make-up Essentials To Carry While Travelling

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3. Palettes, palettes & palettes!

While you are traveling, it is impossible to pack all your favorite lipsticks or eyeshadows. So, a palette can be helpful in this scenario. Make sure you pack a versatile eyeshadow palette that has both shimmery and matte colors. While the glittery shades are perfect for a heavy, evening look, you can utilize the matte shades to create a minimalistic natural look. Even some of the pink matte eyeshadows will look good as a blush & the brown colors will do wonders as a contour or brow filler. The golden glittery eyeshadows can be also used as a highlighter to add that extra shine!

Lipsticks also come in palettes nowadays and these palettes are specially made for traveling purposes. Since there are a lot of shades available in less space, you can be sorted for your entire trip!

5 Make-up Essentials To Carry While Travelling

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4. Don’t forget the mascara.

Mascara is that element of your makeup kit that can light up your face without much effort. A mascara will save you in those days of your trip when you may not feel like doing makeup at all. If you have plans to go to the beach or pool during your travel, make sure you opt of a waterproof mascara instead. For other casual outings, just put on some comfortable clothes of your favorite fitness apparel brand, some mascara and you are ready to rock!

5 Make-up Essentials To Carry While Travelling

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5. Makeup removing wipes.

Removing your make-up is essential for the well being of your skin. Especially waterproof makeup does not rinse off easily. Since the makeup removers are mostly liquid, it might be difficult to carry them while traveling. So, the most helpful alternative can be makeup removing wipes. These wipes already contain the makeup removing substance in it. These are easy to carry and leakage free. If you don’t find makeup removing wipes, you can also use face wipes to remove light makeup. Make sure you carry tons of these so that you can be assured for the entire trip.

5 Make-up Essentials To Carry While Travelling

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Who wants to look like a disaster in the holiday pictures?

It is just a matter of effective packing and selecting the right products that can make your trip hassle-free. Make sure you plan ahead according to the place & occasion of your visit. The list of products mentioned above will help you get a clearer perspective of what you should choose and what you must avoid. The lesser the products, the better. Though the choice of makeup varies from person to person, the items mentioned above will help you survive your trip and allow you to shine in your pictures creating a thousand memories.

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