Top 7 Things To Do When Traveling in Sacramento, California

Located at the confluence of the Sacramento and American rivers, Sacramento is the capital of the state of California. There are wooden sidewalks, wagon rides, and relics of the city’s Gold Rush era in Sacramento’s Old Sacramento district. The California State Railroad Museum illustrates the first technological feat of the country, the construction of the transcontinental railroad, within Old Sacramento. 

Besides wandering through Sacramento’s historic old town, you can also have a blast on K Street slurping down frothy brews. There’s no denying that this rarely-explored city is rich in history and culture. Its tourism slogan proclaims, “California begins here.”

Sacramento, California offers a wide range of things to see and do, so if you’re wondering what to do, we’ve rounded up the top 7 things you must see and do there. With that said, let’s jump right into the main topic. 

1• Visit Sacramento Zoo

William Land Park is the location of the Sacramento Zoo in Sacramento, California. There were 40 animals at the Sacramento Zoo when it opened in 1927. In 1947, it was located on 4.2 acres (1.7 ha), and remained that way until the early 1960s when the zoo expanded to its current location on 14.3 acres (5.8 ha). Approximately 500 animals were present in the zoo as of December 2012. 

Sacramento Zoo attracts more than 500,000 visitors each year, ranking among the region’s most popular attractions. There are more than 500 animals in the zoo’s collection, as well as a diverse array of plants and gardens.

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2• State Capitol

Sacramento’s State Capitol building is a very popular tourist attraction. A beautiful example of Neoclassical architecture built in the 1860s, this building is of exceptional beauty. The Capitol underwent extensive restoration in the 1970s, updating its building code to modern standards while preserving some of its most historic rooms.

At present, the California State Capitol functions as both the state’s capital and its State Capitol Museum, which contains artwork and antiques, as well as portraits dating back hundreds of years.

3• Watch The Sacramento Kings Play

The Sacramento Kings play in the NBA, which is one of the biggest sports in America. It is no secret that Americans are obsessed with their sport, and being in the crowd for a live NBA game will be unlike anything else you would have experienced. There are many teams in the NBA and when the season is active, there will be many opportunities to see the Sacramento Kings in action.

4• Visit Crocker Museum Of Art 

There is a wide range of California art at the Crocker Art Museum, including work from the Gold Rush era, European paintings, drawings, and American photography. In the beginning, Margaret Crocker donated the collection, which is still the core of the museum. 

The collection has been curated by Judge Edwin B. Crocker between 1868 and 1872. This California historical landmark is listed on the National Register of Historic Places as a grand Italianate-style Victorian-era mansion. 

5• Fairytale Town

In Fairytale Town, a storybook theme park that’s popular for families, you’ll find 25 play sets based on fairy tales and nursery rhymes such as Cinderella, Humpty Dumpty, Mother Goose, and Peter Rabbit.

Children can also interact with the park’s gentle farm animals. One of the favorite characters is the miniature Sicilian donkey Eeyore (who appears in Winnie the Pooh), and one of the most popular is Maddie “the Cow that Jumped over the Moon”.

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6• California State Railroad Museum

Sacramento’s California State Railroad Museum has more than 200,000 square feet of exhibit space. Located in Old Sacramento, this museum is considered one of the city’s most notable attractions.

A variety of steam locomotives and railway coaches dating from 1862 to 1944 are displayed there. Nearly all of the wagons are open to the public. Some vehicles are furnished, complete with dining place settings, which show how comfortable the trains once were. A sleeper car can also be toured on foot.

7• Old Sacramento

A national historic landmark, Old Sacramento is an area of historic buildings covering eight blocks (28 acres) along the waterfront. There are now many Gold Rush-era buildings in Old Sacramento State Historic Park, including the Eagle Theater (built in 1849), the B.F. Hastings Building (circa 1853), and the Big Four Building (built in 1855).

There are more than 50 historic buildings in Old Sacramento dating back to the 1850s, which illustrate the city’s original commercial district, which once thrived on the sales of Pony Expresses and transcontinental railroads.


In this short article, we’ve attempted to provide a comprehensive list of all the things to do when traveling in Sacramento, California, but it was hard to cover them all in such a short article. When going there, it is essential to take care of all the above mentioned things as well. We would appreciate hearing from you if there are other items that should be added to this list.