Three Changes in your Bedroom You Should Make if you’re Struggling to Sleep


We all know that a bad night’s sleep may have a negative impact on our health, but did you know that 35% of UK population have trouble falling asleep at least once a week? Many people’s inability to sleep is caused by their bedrooms being too stimulating and squashed together. You should be able to unwind and fast fall asleep in your bedroom since that’s the most important thing. Therefore, if you have trouble falling asleep at night, within this article we have discuss three ways on how you can make your bedroom friendlier and more convenient so you can sleep at night.

Investing in a Comfortable Mattress 

Investing in a new mattress can improve your bedroom’s ambiance by making it more comfortable. It’s hard to go wrong with a memory foam mattress since the foam conforms to the curve of your body and provides excellent support where you need it most.

Those who want a springier mattress may benefit from a hybrid model, such as a memory gel or pocket spring mattress. By having a comfortable mattress, it means that you can lie on the bed and watch a movie and get comfortable, you can also play video games comfortably on your gaming console or on your smart phone, if you have however been seeking a new gaming platform, you can find many more here, with the games that are available on this platform you have the possible chance to win some money. 

Shut off all Electrical Devices

The buzz and flickering lights from electrical equipment left on all night might keep you awake. Considering that brain function is reliant on electrical activity, some individuals claim that electrical gadgets interfere with their sleep. Relaxing in your bedroom may be as simple as turning off all of the electronic gadgets in the room. Also, if you wake up in the middle night, never go on your mobile phone because it will wake you up even more making it more difficult to sleep. 

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Reduce Glare by Using Dark-Blocking Drapes

Shades with blackout properties are more effective at blocking light than thermal curtains and they also assist minimise noise. Blackout curtains or shades should be installed in every bedroom, particularly if you are sensitive to light, so that you can get some shut eye. Your bedroom will be more restful with blackout blinds since they block 90% of the light and decrease outside noise by 40%.