How To Make Money On The Side To Survive In The Time Of Recession

Make Money

As we all know, our world is going through COVID-19 and negatively affecting our pockets. So it becomes vital to make money on the side to survive this resistant time. However, earning some extra bucks will make you independent, give relief to your expenses and open opportunities for you to live your dream lifestyle.

Moreover, making money is no longer a constant and never-ending struggle. If you are willing to make money on the side hustle, then we have done the research and found some best ways for you to make extra cash in this competitive world.

1. Freelancer

Nowadays, everyone is becoming a freelancer to earn some extra bucks. However, it is uneasy to generate income through freelancing, but it can be a life-changing platform for us. Most of the people are leaving their full-time job and switching towards freelancing due to increasing success in this field.

You only have to visit some freelancing websites such as freelancer, Fiverr and Upwork and select your skills in which you are interested. After selecting your skills, you have to place gigs and start working on them. You will begin earning after delivering your projects to the clients.

2. Become a consultant

If you have any skill-set, then you can earn money as a consultant and possess your skills such as sharing legal advice, informing businesses on how to become eco-friendly or assisting startups. If you have the knowledge and experience, then it becomes easy and affordable to give a start as a consultant.

However, becoming a consultant can be a lucrative side of the business that will help you to make some more cash. Moreover, you can make your schedule of offering your consulting services whenever you have free time.

3. Sell things online

Selling your stuff online is one of the easiest ways to make money on the side.  You can find your drawer choked with some unused items that you can sell. eBay, Craigslist, Gazelle and wallop are the online websites where you can sell your things sitting at your home.

If your things are running out of time, then you could offer to sell other people’s junk by giving them a cut. However, you can’t earn much money with this method. So you can sell new items for manufacturers with dropshipping on sites like eBay.

When your item sells, the company will ship the product from their warehouse. Lastly, you don’t have to store anything or visit the post office.

4. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is another best way to earn extra bucks and live a comfortable life. However, you can work with websites such as Amazon as an affiliate marketer. You have to place the links of particular products on several social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Whatsapp.

If anyone clicks on the link and purchases that product, then you will earn cash as commission. Moreover, you can create a website and put a link of the item on it with a blog. It is the best method to sell products and make money.

5. Do micro jobs

Doing micro jobs is also one of the best ways to earn money from which you will get a nickel for each task. However, you can perform these tasks facility, and some work takes only seconds to do. Moreover, you can locate these micro jobs on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk.

So if you are willing to make bucks, then you can make around $6 per hour on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk.

6. Sell your crafts

Do you have any interest in creating crafts sitting at your home? If yes, then it is the right time to turn your hobby into money. Now you can sell your beautiful stuff over Etsy to earn cash. However, Etsy is a platform where you can open your shop and sell your handmade things.

So if you have a talent to create jewellery clothing, furniture, or accessories start shopping on Etsy to make a decent amount of money on the side.

7. Publish your EBook

If you have a writing talent, then you can publish your EBook to make some cash. It is one of the best options for side income. However, Amazon is a great platform where you can sell your EBook.

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So start writing your EBook on your favourite niche and publish it on Amazon to make some coins on the side.

8. Drive for uber

Driving an uber car is also the best option for a side income. Most of the people make a full-time income through uber, but you can select your working hours according to your schedule.

Uber will allow you to make money in your comfort zone. So if you are on a five-hour shift and don’t want to work any more, then you can close the app by a simple click and go back to your home.

9. Work with Postmate

Just like Uber, working with Postmates is another side income idea. You can work according to your schedule same as a Uber cab driver. However, working as a delivery man with Postmates, you can earn extra through tips if you have the ability.

Moreover, you don’t need any car for this. You can use your cycle or bike to deliver items to the people. Additionally, working with Postmates is the best for side income if you are living in a highly trafficked area such as New York City or Los Angeles.

10. Rent your room

If you have any room at your house that is not in your use, then you can make some bucks through that useless space. You can rent your space on online websites like Airbnb. You have to create a list with your description, your photos and an authentic rate.

Moreover, you can add your availability and house rules in your list. This list is going to help your guests to understand your place. However, to avoid any problems or potential scams, you will get your payment 24 hours after your guest’s check-in.

You will surprise to know that some people earn their primary income by renting out space on Airbnb. So if you are serious about making some cash, then renting out your room on Airbnb is the best source.

11. Blogging

Nowadays, everyone is on the blogging platform to earn money. However, it is uneasy to generate cash through blogging, but it can be a life-changing opportunity. You will surprise to know that most of the people are turning to blog and leaving their full-time job.

You have to create a website and take hosting through a reliable hosting platform such as Hostgator and GoDaddy. Pick your favourite niches like fashion, lifestyle, sports or fitness and start writing on it.

You can share your blogs on several social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram. However, you will earn through traffic as well as you can apply for Google AdSense for ads on your blogs to bag more.

12. Proofreading

Now you can earn bucks on the side by becoming a proofreader. However, there are many online websites where you can become a proofreader and start earning.

Have you heard about Caitlin Pyle, she is a proofreader and earns $43000 through proofreading in her spare time. After succeeding in this field, she decides to share her knowledge and start her website Proofread anywhere.

So you can visit her website to gain some knowledge. You have to sign up on her website for her free training and start your career as a proofreader to make money on the side.

13. Deliver food

Postmate is a great platform where you can work as a courier man to deliver things like groceries and take out food from the restaurant. However, you don’t need any car for this. You can ship food using your bike.

Moreover, there are no startup fees and time commitment to Postmates. Before starting your delivery, you can view your earning and take 100% on each delivery at your home.

14. Start losing weight

Now losing your weight can bring cash in your pocket. We all know that everyone is crazy about fitness around the world. HealthyWage is an online website that allows us to place a bet on weight, and after achieving that weight, you will earn bucks.

However, it is the best way to motivate yourself to achieve your fitness goals besides making some coins on the side. Moreover, HealthyWage also comes up with a price calculator that will allow you to view how much you stand to win.

15. Start investing

Investing is one of the best ways to earn some extra cash. If you are a beginner, then Acorns and Stash are the two great apps to start investing. However, you can open your account on these apps with $5, and both the apps are simple to use.

Moreover, you will earn $5 more after downloading the app. So, create an account, select your favourite investment and start watching your earnings.

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16. Sell your textbooks

Your textbooks will help you to gain knowledge as well as earn some bucks in your pocket. However, there are many stores near you where you can sell your textbooks. But BookScouter is the best online platform that compares books prices across 44 vendors to offer you the best price.

BookScouter comes up with no listing fees, free shipping and the right price for textbooks. So there is no reason left to sell your books on this platform.

17. Become a virtual assistant

Now you can make money on the side being a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant is a person who offers technical assistance to businesses. However, it is a work from home job, and you can work from anywhere in the world.

Most of the small businesses hire virtual assistants to increase their business growth. Moreover, virtual assistants also help to keep many companies away from having to pay employment tax. So start working as a virtual assistant and earn some extra bucks.

18. Babysittin

You could start babysitting to make some money. It is one of the best ways to generate side income. Some online websites like and SitterCity are great platforms where you can sell your babysitting services.

Moreover, you can also share your babysitting services on various social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram to generate leads. Make sure that you are providing your top-notch experience to get the best price for your services.

19. Create a YouTube channel

YouTube is one of the best platforms and the easiest way to generate a side income. You have to create a YouTube channel on your favourite niche and share it on several social media platforms.

You will earn money after gaining traffic and through subscription. Moreover, you can also apply for Google AdSense to get some ads on your videos. However, you will earn a lot of money through ads.

We can say that a YouTube platform is a reputable source of income and helps you to engage people for long enough.

20. Become a tutor

Skype is a platform where you can become a tutor to earn some bucks. Skype is a great place where you can tutor people without going live. So if you have any skill-set, then you can share your knowledge across the world through Skype.

So start tutoring people across the world through this app and make money on the side.

21. Sell your service on Fiverr.

If you have any skill, then it is the time to turn your skills into money. Fiverr is one of the great platforms where you can sell your services to generate side income. However, your earning start at $5 on Fiverr.

You have to create your account on this platform and select your favourite skills. Now you have to start placing bids to get any project. After delivering your project on time, you will earn some cash instantly.

You will surprise to know that many sellers are earning six figures plus revenues annually. So start placing bids and complete projects on time to generate some extra cash.

22. Sell your old smartphones.

If you have any unused smartphone at your home, then you can sell it to earn some bucks. Gazelle is an online website where you can sell your old smartphones. However, the price of your mobile phone will depend on its condition.

So if you have an old iPhone or Samsung smartphone at your home, then start selling it on Gazelle to generate side income.

23. Sell video games

Everyone loves to play games and has the collection of video games, CDs and DVDs at home. But you will surprise to know that you can make money through video games. You can sell your video games on declutter to earn.

However, you have to scan a barcode of an item from your smartphone and place it on the declutter. Declutter is one of the best platforms because it does not take any silly fees and give you instant cash on each purchase. So start making some cash by selling your old video games on declutter.

24. Take surveys

Now taking some simple surveys are going to help you make some extra cash. There are many websites on the internet like Swagbucks, Survey Junkies and Inbox Dollars where you can earn by taking some surveys. However, you will get paid for low maintenance and mindless tasks of completing surveys.

You have to sign up on these platforms and start taking surveys. Moreover, you will get some bucks on signing up in Swagbucks and Inbox Dollars.

Final thoughts

We hope that this article will help you to generate side income to survive in tough times. However, there are so many tasks, but we have tossed some gems for you. So pick your favourite job and start working on it to reduce burdens of paying off your debts.