Know-How to Earn as a DoorDash Employee

doordash employee

Considering you are new to the city. You are in desperate need of a part-time job. Want a fruitful side hustle? Worry no more. Sign up with Doordash. Know how much do you make with Doordash. Doordash is an online delivery service. It hires newbies to deliver food to people’s doorstep. Any local restaurant can opt for this option. This is the most trusted delivery service.

Delivery service is a famous side job for students. It helps them to pay rent and pay loans. Alongside Doordash helps such people to save up for themselves. Thus, one may call it an easy money-making process. Customers order food from several restaurants. Most of them willingly add a tip alongside the delivery fee. The app forwards orders to nearby Dashers. The dashers are nothing but Doordash employees.

What does a dasher need to do?

Now you may be a dasher. What you do first is to accept the order. Next, you drive up to the desired restaurant. Now you place the order. The restaurant confirms the delivery. This is then shown on the customer’s app. Now you wait for the food to be prepared. Once done, quickly collect the parcel.

Make sure you handle the food with care. Any damage can cause trouble on your part. Drive up to the delivery point. You may not be accustomed to the whole area of delivery. In that case, use the map shown on the map. Hence, drive to the location with more ease. Make sure to deliver on time. Timing is key to any delivery service.

The next key point to consider is behaviour. The behaviour of the delivery executive is critical. A dasher needs to be courteous and polite irrespective of the scenario. Any violent step on your part can put you in danger. However, specific scenarios are negligible by law. Therefore, make sure to be skilful when collecting the pay post-delivery.

How Much Do Doordash Drivers Make?

Let’s come to the Doordash pay. This includes fees and tips earned by a particular dasher. Any dasher gets the complete delivery fee. Alongside any additional tips and boosts are paid. This is how Doordash makes money. It charges every restaurant a percentage of the fee. It happens for every order taken over by Doordash.

As a dasher, keep an eye on one fact. Make sure you earn value for everyone. In other words, focus on customer rating. This will ensure more value to your service and company. Customer ratings fall within the one-to-five-star category. Therefore, better services will get higher ratings. Keep your services fast and convenient. This, in turn, will create a higher customer rating.

One more factor is 100 percent completion of the task. You accept a job. More clearly, you get an order. Now you are taken to complete your task. Any failure in task completion can cause job loss. The next factor of importance is the acceptance rating. It is the percentage of orders you take. This is comparable to the percentage of jobs offered by Doordash.

It is crucial for more earning potential. This is a very strategic move. It will be necessary to keep Doordash happy. All you need to do is take subpar jobs sometimes. Bonus offers are very common. Fulfil specific app criterion. Hence, earn more bonus points in the long run. Some of them can be just for driving at times.

Another common term is peak pay. It is the extra pay a dasher gets. Peak times are commonly at dinner. Deliver at such peak times on time. Hence earn fees and tips from the app.

How much dasher makes with Doordash?

Dashers receive pay based on their delivery. It is wholly based on their delivery location. An extra amount is payable for distance delivery. Alongside extra pay is available for difficult deliveries—for instance, long waiting time at a restaurant.

Usually, a dasher makes a minimum of $2 per order. A maximum of $10 is payable to the dasher per order. Additional amounts are payable upon promotion. One may call it the promotional tip. The full tip amount is paid to the appropriate dasher. One may get extra promotional pays. This is true when delivering at peak hours.

Suppose you are driving and delivering orders. You are doing so under challenging conditions and, for instance, giving several orders in a set period. One may receive a minimum amount before accepting orders. This makes the delivery more purposeful.

The amount your earn per day depends on the amount of work done. On average, a dasher can make up to $25 per hour. This is true, especially on busy days. Otherwise, the maximum amounts earned can be $10 hourly.

Every Doordash pay includes base pay and peak pay. The base pays maybe somewhere between $2 and $3 per order. The peak pay is prevalent at busy hours. It adds up to $5 per order. A dasher review showed remarkable earning. The dasher reportedly earned $185 a month. He worked for 9 hours every day.

One may be a freelancer driver of Doordash. Certain expenses need to be paid individually. For instance, gas for the car. Or the wearing of a car. In such a case, he or she needs to pay taxes by themselves. However, one can still make good hourly earnings. This amount can range from $10 to $20 per hour.

Maximize your Doordash Earnings

Follow the tips mentioned below to maximize your earnings.

The first tip is to drive during pay times. Open the Doordash app. Now go to the top right corner. You can find the term “Promos.” Open this option to look for peak time slots. All available peak time slots are available here. Peak times are usually lunch or dinner. Even weekends can be good peak times.

You may sign up here. Drive for any number of times during peak time. An addition of $1 to $5 adds upper order. You’ll be notified during every peak time. This may go all day long.

The next tip is to go to hotspots. This allows you to get more orders when waiting for it. Hotspots are pin locations for picking orders. You may see hotspots on a map on the drive—hangout in famous restaurants to assign more orders. The third important tip is to be strategic when taking orders.

The minimum earning is shown to the dasher before they accept an order. After that, one may accept or decline any order. The minimum pay also includes customer tips in it. Dasher can see the delivery distance to be covered.

An order may be too far. Or the order may be too near to the restaurant. In such a case, you may turn down the order. However, your acceptance rating may go down temporarily. However, he won’t affect your ability to take more orders. One can accept multiple orders. That too, all at once.

Such scenarios happen more during peak times. Doordash offers multiple orders in destinations are near one another. This allows gaining double the price earned at once. One needs to go just a little farther or less on the way. However, some conditions may cause changes in earnings.

Some areas help earn more than others. Earnings vary hourly based on where you live. It may also change based on where you drive. Now customers may or may not leave a tip. This will affect the earnings per hour.

How Does Doordash Work?

Doordash is more than just a mere online delivery service. It connects potential customers to freelance drivers. This, in turn, connects them to local restaurants of choice. The driver makes use of the provided vehicle and smartphone. This way, dashers can accept and deliver orders on time. Earn a base pay per delivery. Alongside earn the peak pay when eligible. Dashers earn complete customer tips.

Let’s begin by following the steps explained below.

How to get started

Step 1. The first step is to play store. Download the Doordash driver app for Android or iOS. Upon installation, open this app. Now click on the option “become a dasher.” You will require to enter the zip code and mobile number. This happens before creating the account.

Step 2. The next step is to put your name there. After that, create a password. You would now need to submit a background check using Check.

Step 3. For completion of the background check, provide your vehicle details. Check for a box that states the active car insurance policy. Next, click on ‘continue.’ This will take you to the next step. You have to enter your driver’s license number now.

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Alongside enter the social security number. You may even need to enter your birthday. All these additions will finally complete the background check. In the end, you may request a copy of your application. This free copy will be sent to you via email.

Step 4. Upon completion, the app will require your residential address. Doordash sends the activation kit to this address. This address must be correct. Wrong addresses can cause a delay in beginning your job. Hence, double-check before submitting the address.

The kit will contain the following. It will have a hot bag. You will also receive a company credit card. This is called the Red Card. Alongside, you will get a manual with instructions. This will guide you to work more smoothly.

Step 5. The final step is to fill in specific bank details. This will include filling up the W-9 form. Next, enter the necessary bank account information. This will be necessary when a company pays your monthly salary. One can complete these steps directly through the app.

The background check comes through within an hour or so. After that, one can start working.

Taking deliveries as a dasher

Step 1. Upon completion and login, the dasher may start delivering. Try to be in the red zone. The red area will be shown on the map of your app. The red zone indicates the area is busy. Next, click on ‘dash now.’ An additional tab is available. It is the ‘schedule.’ This is available at the bottom of every app.

Any new dasher may click on this tab. This will allow the dasher to sign up for future shifts. One may have scheduled a time to begin driving. This app will notify the dasher in advance. A notification will be given 15 minutes before the shift. You will also receive a text message. The dasher can reschedule or can shift as per choice.

Step 2. An order may be placed in a restaurant. You may be nearby at that moment. The app will notify you about the order. There is a time limit for accepting or declining orders. If the time crosses, the order goes to the next available driver.

Step 3. Suppose you accept the order. Now you can see the address of the restaurant. This store is supposedly prepping customer’s orders. Click on the option ‘directions.’ This will open a navigation app. Use it to reach your destination.

Step 4. The bottom of the driver’s app has a bar. This sliding bar changes directions. It will indicate where you are at a particular time. It also indicates when you would arrive. This allows the customers to know your location in real-time. Reach the appropriate restaurant. Double-check with them for order accuracy.

Step 5. Upon picking the order, you get the customer’s address. This may or may not be followed by special instructions. After the Covid-19 pandemic, Doordash opted for no-contact delivery. This is common for any delivery service. It allows maintaining the minimum social distance. Alongside, safety is assured. The customer may opt for this option. If so, the dasher gets an alert.

Step 6. Arrive at the customer’s doorstep. Click a photo and send it to secure the customer number. This will assure the customer of the delivery. This will reduce encountering any fraud cases. An order may be delivered before time. In that case, leave the order and go, whereas others may pay post-delivery.

How Much Does Doordash Pay

Complete your delivery. You will then get notified regarding your earnings. Upon receiving the payment, click on ‘got it.’ Now you are ready to accept your next order.

Your receive payments directly through direct deposit. The deposit is made to a relevant bank account. This is the account you had mentioned when signing up. The drivers get paid every week on a Monday. The amount earned by Sunday gets transferred to the bank account.

Costs involved for a dasher

Doordash allows you to make steady cash. However, you need to consider some cash expenses. A dasher is a contractor. He or she is not a full-time employee. Therefore, you are in charge of withholding taxes. The payment is weekly. Consequently, it will be a gross amount. Social Security and Taxes do not get calculated.

Suppose you earn $600 a year. Doordash will send a 1099 form to the dasher. This form will reach you by Jan 31. You’re banking and tax information is necessary to send the form. Dashers may also receive the earned money the very next day. It is possible to use the Fast Day Program. An amount of $1.99 needs to be paid. This is necessary for expedited transfer.

A dasher’s most significant incurred cost is driving the car. Any fee associated with it gets paid by them. However, dashers on foot, bike, or scooter are free from these costs. The most common expenses are gas and insurance. Other prices include depreciation costs. All this needs to be handled by the dasher himself.

A dasher may have to pay any parking costs for delivery. Doordash won’t pay any tolls or tickets for you.

Pros of being a Dasher

Listed below are some benefits of being a Doordash dasher.

The first one is flexibility. Many students love to schedule time. This helps them to be organized over time. This serves as a significant selling point for easy side jobs. Log on to the app. Now look for available time slots. Choose the place that suits you best. Some dashers are confident about their delivery intake. This indicates the amount of control over work per day. Such dashers are commendable.

The next factor is helpfulness. Doordash allows you to know where an order is headed. This way, a smart dasher can pick up an order on the way. For instance, you may be on your shift. You are heading home. Suddenly you see a charge on your way. Could you pick it up and deliver it? Add some extra dollars to your day. This helps to monetize commute.

The third pro is that a car is not necessary. You may live in locations like San Francisco. Or you may be in a busy city like New York. Here, having a car to deliver food isn’t necessary. Simple uses your bike or cycle to deliver food. This precise cuts down added expenses of a vehicle.

The fourth factor is no interaction with the customer. Simply pick up the order from the restaurant. Go to the necessary delivery location. Now drop the food. Send a photo of the delivery to the customer. This can even serve as proof if charged later. The dasher is entirely independent. There is no chance of prolonged awkward customer interactions.

The fifth factor is safety. Delivery executive safety is of prime importance. Every delivery is different. However, some may come with safety concerns. This is especially true if delivering private homes. Most delivery executives had to carry a lot of cash. This was prevalent in standard delivery.

Many customers tend to be violent. They do so to avoid paying the full amount. Numerous delivery executives have faced this. However, Doordash makes it easier. All payments are made beforehand. Hence the dashers do not have to carry much. This also saves the trouble of handling transactions on the spot.

The sixth pro is incentives and tips. Doordash is better than many other delivery apps. It allows dashers to keep every penny they get a tip. One may get incentives for signing up. Next incentives are also available for making more excellent deliveries. This makes side jobs more lucrative and appealing.

The final factor is the quick payments. Side jobs are easy to get paid at. Traditional jobs take time to get paid. One may have to wait for a minimum of two weeks. Or up to a maximum of a month. Side hustles like delivering jobs get paid every week.

In other words, your cash flow is pretty steady. One can even get an early payment. This may be necessary to make due payments.

Cons of being a Doordash dasher

Every good thing has its downsides. Doordash is no exception. Here are some Doordash downfalls that affect dashers.

The first factor is outside costs. Every cost incurred needs to be paid by dashers. This includes tickets, tolls, or parking fees. They are paid alongside home rents and loans. Food needs are covered here. Therefore, the savings of such dashers are very minimum.

The second con is booked up schedules. Any dasher can choose the option of selecting shifts. However, the programs of peak times fill up too fast. This is one serious drawback for most dashers. Many dashers complain about this very often.

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The third con is the time range of delivery. Deliveries are completed quickly if everything is on time. However, sometimes restaurants may delay. Therefore, you end up getting stuck for more time. This unnecessary backlog may hinder the pay for the hour. In the worst case, it may hinder the payment of the day.

Similar hindrances may occur during delivering supposing the delivery destination is far from the restaurant may take more time. On top of that, traffic may cause more hindrances. The drive to the delivery location can be 5 minutes. Or it may even extend up to 30 mins or more.

Doordash promotions

Doordash keeps looking for new drivers. This is increased post-pandemic. Most customers favour food being delivered. This has led to increased demand for new drivers. A dasher may receive a bonus offer on signing up. Huge promotional offers are also available to them.

The first type is the Doordash driver sign-up bonus. In some cities, one may get up to $750 for signing up. However, this may vary across cities and locations. Hence, make sure to check before applying. This will help you to know if you qualify for anything. Carefully look into the terms and conditions.

One may need to complete a particular set of deliveries. Only then can they qualify for some cash bonus amount. Hence, look before you go for it.

The next type is the Doordash referral bonus. Sign up with Doordash. Now get a bonus for referring to other drivers. A referral code will be available for you. Share it with interested drivers. More significant the number of sign-ups, the higher the bonus.

The amount received varies from one city to another. The referred driver needs to make a certain number of deliveries. Only then do you qualify for a referral bonus?

The last type of bonus is the Doordash new consumer bonus. Special promotions run most of the time. This allows dashers to get new customers. New customers get free delivery of food. That is, they do not have to pay any delivery fee. For customers, it is an excellent opportunity to save. However, it depends on how much you order.

Doordash vs. Its Competitors

Doordash versus UberEATS

UberEATS uses a pretty complicated payment formula. It can be challenging for its drivers to understand the process entirely. Hence, many drivers may feel cheated upon payment. The payment equation is as follows. There is a pickup fee. Alongside there is a drop off for delivering on time.

The third fee is the mileage fee. It covers the distance back and forth. That is, it covers the distance of pickup up to drop off to the customer. Any tip left is wholly paid to respective drivers. Doordash has a better approach to paying drivers. However, the mileage fee may vary. The drivers can choose here on which one is better.

Doordash versus Grub Hub

Any grub hub driver receives a flat payment. This is true for every order. Any additional tip is paid completely. However, there is no potential to earn a bit more. Doordash provides this option. A dasher may earn from incentives and bonuses. Dashers may even make extra during peak times. Any delay and challenging deliveries are prepaid.

Doordash versus Postmates

Postmates delivers a little more than just-food. Moreover, it is essentially a courier service. Postmates drivers are paid for their delivery. This is done based on the formula applicable for a city. Here are the earnings made by a post mate driver per delivery.

The first earning is for picking up the order. The next payable amount is for dropping it off. The next amount is for waiting to pick up. This is the per-minute-waited-rate. The next earning covers the distance between pick up and drop off. This is the per-mile-rate. Specific blitz bonuses are available after some deliveries. The final earning is from tips. Postmates also gives away 100 percent of tips.

However, the Doordash process is less complicated. Research findings suggest Doordash as a top delivery service app. Both customers and drivers are content with their treatments.

Learn how to make $500 a week with Doordash.

Here are some requirements to be a Doordash driver.

The first criteria are age. The individual must be of 18 years or above. The second criteria are access to any vehicle. It may be a car, motorcycle, bike, or truck. The third criteria are he/she must have a smartphone. It may be an Android or an iPhone. The fourth criteria are that he/she must have a driver’s license. The minimum driving experience must be a year.

The fifth criteria are the presence of an insurance policy. The individual must have a valid policy in his/her name. Finally, the individual completes an orientation program. This may be done online. Or it may be conducted in-person. All these criteria are necessary for qualifying as a dasher.

Let’s get through the tips to earn more money with Doordash.

Complete orders. The completion rate of a dasher is significant. Doordash takes this rate very seriously. This will evaluate whether a dasher is active. Alongside the dasher’s reliability is measured through this. The completion rate must be 70 percent or higher. Any percent lower than 70 percent is not good. Moreover, that may cause the deactivation of that dasher’s account.

The low acceptance rate is excellent. It does not put you at any risk. But the dasher must hustle harder. After that, the dasher must keep accepting orders. Consequently, the orders must be completed.

Be smart when accepting orders. A dasher must also aim at the high acceptance of orders. However, it must be done smartly. Try to make use of orders of high value. Alongside, the orders must be the easiest ones. For instance, the order of delivering cupcakes or doughnuts. This is undoubtedly a quick way to charge up accepting rates. The completion rate also increases.

Foods lie doughnuts are pre-made. Hence, they can be parcelled on time. Therefore, the delivery becomes smooth and profitable. Thus any chance of restaurant delay reduces. Hence, no time is wasted.

Keep the order accuracy on the Check. Make sure to double-check the order. A person may be coming from double shifts. He may be ordering a meal at the end of the day. This person would not want to get the wrong meal. Therefore, make sure you know what is ordered.

Never forget the extra bits. It may be so that restaurant forgets to add cutlery. At peak times, forgetting napkins or straws are pretty standard. It is your duty as a dasher to look into it. Some other extras include condiments on the side. This will allow you to avoid any fuss upon delivery.

Keep your smartphone handy. Having your mobile is essential. It can help you when in danger. Hence keep it for safety purposes. This may even help more for navigating. Alongside, it may also help in complaining. This is especially true when the customer gets the wrong order.

Choose the shifts wisely. Make sure to choose peak times. However, you always won’t be lucky to get it. Peak times fill up pretty fast. However, don’t be disheartened. Keep hustling.

Keep stacking orders. Stacking may be done two ways. One may stack orders from nearby restaurants. Or one may do so for nearby destinations. This will save time and effort. It also increases the amount earned. For instance, one may earn $5 for an order. Stacking up to 3 orders at once may triple the amount.

Keep the weather and traffic on the Check. Make sure you read the weather forecast. It might be pouring heavily. However, restaurants are still open. Food delays might be thee. However, one wouldn’t want soggy and wet food. Therefore, wear a covering plastic poncho. One may even wear an oversized raincoat. This will help you and the food from getting soggy. Use it to cover yourself and the food.

Customer service is critical. Keep your modest smile throughout the day. Be polite to customers when delivering. Watch your tone when speaking. Do not get engrossed in long conversations. Do not give out personal information on duty. Make sure to keep your greetings short. Keep your conversations up to the mark.


Wish to be a dasher? Well, earning as a dasher is pretty decent. The income flow is steady. Safety is assured. More so, there is no need to worry regarding payments. This is trustable than most gig economy apps.

You may have more than one part-time job. In that case, schedule your shifts as a dasher. One can prioritize the primary career. Alongside, the side job can be of immense help. This is true, especially when you live alone. Being a dasher is the best way to drive and earn.