Use these Great Marketing Tips When Selling a Home

Marketing Tips When Selling a Home

Your clients rely on you for a smooth and trouble-free process when it comes to selling a home. Moving any real estate in the nation takes a talented individual who’s familiar with several subjects, including marketing. In this post, you will find some great marketing tips when tips for selling a home.

Explore these top marketing tips for selling a home. Using a few of these strategies can streamline any sale in your region.

1. Prioritize Staging

Selling a home that’s completely empty is a challenge. It takes effort to picture a homey interior. You want to make the home an inviting place so that clients picture themselves living in the property. Prioritize staging by adding furniture and decorative accents. If the home has furniture already, enhance every room with pillows or flowers. Don’t forget to declutter the spaces too. Rooms should look open and airy. Too much furniture or other items will make the home appear cramped. Your clients need to see space and beauty for a bid to surface.

2. Set the Virtual Tone

It’s critical to post a home on your agent website and social media accounts. The virtual world is where most people start their search for a property. Advertise the home’s features along with any open houses. Be sure to post the property several times so that it pops up in social-media feeds. Properties that show up more than one time on a social media account will appear familiar, which leads to possible calls for a showing. Ask your followers to share the property on their accounts too. All of this marketing can reach hundreds of people with enough shares among your core followers.

3. Explore Mailers

Although virtual marketing is the trend right now, there’s still good reason to use old-fashioned mailers. You might send out direct mail postcards for real estate marketing purposes. Glossy postcards with the home’s best features pictured on the material can draw in clients. These mailers aren’t as common as in previous years, which makes them unique as they arrive in the mail. Add only the basic information to the mailer so that clients are encouraged to seek out the website for more information. 

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4. Hire a Professional Photographer

It’s tempting to snap photos of a property with your cellphone and post them. Take a moment to understand the importance of a professional photographer, however. They have an eye for angles and light. Consider a property that may need some work. 

The photographer can take flattering photographs so that the property moves faster to a sale than without the images. Post the photos on your virtual platforms and mailers. Any cost for the photographer will be offset by a quick sale.

5. Consider Videos

One of the latest ways to market a home is by making and posting a video. Set up a tripod and record yourself on a tour of the home. Pretend as if the camera is your client walking through the property with you. 

You might add in a drone’s view of the home from above. These videos show your clients every detail of a property. There’s no question about features or even rooftop maintenance. It’s all laid out in a video that can be shared.

6. Make the Open House an Event

Invite all of your followers and clients to an open house with electronic invites. Put out the usual balloons and finger foods as a courtesy. Hand out flyers with pertinent information on them as clients walk in the door. You might play relaxing music as people walk from room to room. 

All of these details make the open house an event that’s unforgettable. If the weather is agreeable, set up a table in the backyard for relaxing and conversation. People who relax here might see themselves living in the space, which leads to a quick bidding process.

7. Try the Limited-Time Concept

With direct mail postcards for real estate success in the mail, enhance your marketing process with a group of Saturday showings. Book one client per half hour for one morning or afternoon at the property. These clients might bump into one another as they come and go. Agents want this scenario to play out because it makes the property look like it’s extremely popular. The short tour also gives the impression that the home has a limited-time offer, which draws in bids. Although open houses are strong for marketing purposes, this showing strategy is gaining traction among real-estate professionals.

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8. Pull Out the Sale Signs

Using for-sale signs in real estate is the oldest marketing idea around, and it’s still a viable option. Post several sale signs that lead from a main road and out to the property. Some people might see the signs as a treasure hunt, which makes the property that much more attractive. 

Once they find the home, the effort it took to get there forges a commitment to the property. Clients might be more inclined to bid on the home now as opposed to finding the property with a GPS map.

9. Turn to MLS Listings

For most real-estate agents, marketing a home through the MLS listings is the very first step every time. However, clever agents know that these listings should be put off for a few weeks. When a home isn’t listed, it’s perceived as a treasure or a unique discovery for clients. You can always say that the property isn’t even listed yet, which tells potential clients that the competition for the purchase isn’t too hot yet. 

Keep in mind that listing the property should be an eventual task to bump up the marketing process. You’ve exhausted the brand-new concept in the marketplace, and now the home is available to hundreds of clients. Use the listings to gain more volume for a future sale now.

10. Look Toward the Future

Successful tips for selling a home originates from a solid relationship with your clients. A sold home doesn’t translate into the end of a business relationship. In fact, it’s important to nurture these associations now. Send your clients a thank-you basket, such as fruit or flowers. Let them know how much you enjoyed working with them. 

This thoughtful gift is a memorable situation, which might be conveyed by the clients to their friends. You create a reason for the clients to compliment your work or to forward your information to new customers. Networking with your clients is a clever way to market yourself for that next sale.


The top details are tips for selling a home. Always use your imagination when you’re selling each property. The homes have their own characters, which can dictate how you sell it in the first place. With creative ideas, your clients will flock to your agency with successful sales every quarter.