States That Allow Home Remodeling Jobs in The US

Home Remodeling Jobs in The US

Due to the novel coronavirus, people were required by the government to stay at home in order to control the spread of the virus. Some businesses were required to close for a while and some were forced to work at home. Only home remodeling jobs that were viewed as essential were allowed to operate. There were some construction jobs that were permitted but only the essential ones like emergency repairs or constructions in hospitals where it is essential. But now some states have already eased their restrictions.

Here’s are some states in the US that allow home remodeling jobs:


Even before construction restrictions have been lifted, the state of California has found a loophole that allows home remodeling jobs to continue as long as the project has been initiated before the stay-at-home order. But now the state of California is starting to ease restrictions on construction depending on the county or city. So if you’re in California, you can avail of kitchen remodeling in Agoura Hills, Studio City, Beverly Hills, and other major counties and cities.

New Jersey 

In New Jersey, nonessential construction has been allowed since May 18, 2020. Prior to the easing of the construction restrictions, only constructions that are viewed as an emergency were allowed and only five crews were allowed to operate. But because the governor has already signed an executive order that permits nonessential construction back on May 13, 2020, home remodeling is now allowed in New Jersey.


The city of Portland has initially restricted nonessential construction projects but has allowed ongoing projects or projects that had been initiated before the stay-at-home orders as long as workers are six feet away from each other at all times. 

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New York 

Following the New York On Pause order where all nonessential work has been restricted, the governor of New York has announced that beginning on May 15, 2020, some construction projects are allowed to continue in some areas in the upstate. 

These are just some of the states that have already allowed home remodeling to continue. If you didn’t see your state, check with your state to see if home remodeling is allowed. And before you decide on doing home remodeling at this time, it’s also best to check with your local government to make sure that nonessential construction is permitted in your area. Keep in mind that even though construction restrictions have been eased in some states, all are still required to follow social distancing protocols. At the end of the day, it’s safety and health that matters.