Apply These Top 7 Secret Techniques to Improve Carpet Cleaning

Improve Carpet Cleaning

A carpet or rug enhances the charm of a house.  However, it is probably among the dirtiest things in the house. With time and usage, dirt and stains accumulate on the carpets.  There is nothing worse than having stains on a carpet that fails to go away.  After all, they can pose a health risk to those living in the house.  Therefore, it is whimsically essential to clean the carpets regularly. Read on to find these top 7 secret techniques to improve carpet cleaning.

 It has been witnessed that many people who do the carpet cleaning themselves do it wrong. It requires the right knowledge, skill, and expertise to improve carpet cleaning. Here we have compiled a list of tips to improve carpet cleaning suggested by professionals working in the industry for many years. 

Blot Stains Without Rub Them

Most of the house owners use a cleaning solution with a sponge or clean cloth to get rid of the stains of the carpets. It is imperative to know that blotting applies some pressure on the stains when soaking. Therefore, particles scatter in the carpet fibers during rubbing. Eventually, it can result in a premature breakdown of the fibers.  It is whimsically essential to blot from the outer part of the stain in an inward motion. Otherwise, blotting outwards may become the chief reason behind stain spread. 

Club Soda Process

Club soda is highly useful in getting rid of wine and beer stains. Outing soda on the cloth is the way to spot the area. If that fails to work, make a mixture by adding some white vinegar and pour it in a sprayer. Once completing the pouring, spray the mixture on the stained area and leave it for 10-15 minutes to let it absorb adequately.   

Now, gently press the sponge on the stains so that it can soak up the solution as well as stain.  Use some hot after and rinse the area. Brush the carpet strands manually by using your hands and lay white paper towels on the area to let them absorb the dampness.  

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Use Shaving Cream

Many people struggle with keeping their carpets clean. Satins on a carpet are among the worse things because they can put family member’s health at risk.  Professionals who offer residential carpet cleaning services suggest the shaving cream as the most suitable carpet cleaner.  Shaving cream is known to remove every kind of stain quickly.  So, apply the shaving cream on the carpet stains and leave it for 30 minutes.  

Once the shaving cream is set, consider blowing it away with the help of a dry cloth. After that, create a mixture with vinegar & water and spray on the area. Lastly, use a piece of clean cloth to wipe away the solution. 

Heat Wax

Many people have candles in their houses, and sometimes the wax drops on the carpet and dry quickly. At that time, it is suggested to heat it back and get rid of it. In this process, you need to put a white cloth, and then iron on the top of the wax to let it warm. Now, use a butter knife to scrape off the wax. Since colored towels can transfer the color to the carpet while getting heated up, it is necessary to use only white towels. Knowing how to remove the stain using the right methods and the right products is the way to put your mind at ease.

Candy is Crushed Badly 

When there are kids in the house, candy stains on the carpets are common to witness.  Professionals who provide services for carpet cleaning in St Louis suggest people to use a butter knife or a spotter brush to clean the carpets properly.  In order to get rid of the stains, use a sponge, and apply water with mild soap. Make sure to get the sugar out from the carpet to remove any dirt or debris without much hassle. Once removing the candy, dry the spotting by blotting it with a clean cloth.    

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Deep Clean the Area Regularly 

Carpet cleaning is of paramount importance to keep them fresh and new all the time.  Many house owners prefer steam cleaning by using a cleaning solution and injecting the solution deep in the carpet with water nozzles. 

Deep Clean the Area Regularly

Now, use a machine to extract all the solutions with dust from the carpet.  Embedded soil gets loosened when the water starts penetrating the fiber to the backing. If you want to get the carpet cleaned adequately, remove oil and grease deposits from the carpet. Deep cleaning every half year is undoubtedly a great way to retain the life of your carpets for many years.  

Hydrogen Peroxide for Complete Rescue 

Some stains on the carpet look similar to blood marks.  However, when a finger gets a cut and some blood drops fall on the carpet, then it doesn’t mean that the material is fully damaged.  Therefore, make sure to lose up the dried blood by applying mild detergent and water. Once it is done, scrape off the blood from the fibers. This process should be done before using hydrogen peroxide on the stains. For drying the carpet thoroughly, apply hydrogen peroxide with towels.    

The Endnote 

Homeowners try every method to keep their houses sparkling clean. Yet, they find that the carpets in the home gradually become the victims of spills, drops, and a lot more. Knowing the above-mentioned hidden carpet cleaning secrets is the way to restore their luster and maintain their quality for a longer period.