10 Most Useful Education Apps For Students

Useful Education Apps

Pedagogy has become a fundamental aspect of the community and upbringing of an individual. But with the increase in the population of students, while an insufficient number of educators in various educational institutions, teachers cannot assist every pupil. Hence, some students fail to grasp the knowledge that they deserve and require. However, with the advancement of technology, now every child or student can learn various topics through the aid of useful education apps.

Top educational apps are:

  1. Google Play Books:  it is one of the most revelled educational apps available now. It is free to download from Google Play. You can select or purchase books ranging from textbooks, guide books, fictional, fantasy, and non-fictional books from this education app.

2. EdX: It is one of the most innovative educational apps that offer you courses from authentic colleges without providing you with legitimate degrees. It includes facilities like offline or online video lectures, tutorials on a wide array of topics, handouts, interactive quizzes, and course announcements. This education app covers topics from every subject like history, nutrition, statistics, psychology, computer programming, and engineering along with additional distinct subjects. Every aspiring student who wants to pursue higher education or for your education app development should consider this app. Moreover, it is free.

3. MyScript Calculator 2: This education app offers adults and kids a fun way to solve all kinds of mathematical problems. It’s free. This math app allows you to write out mathematical problems via stylus or your finger and it solves it after converting your writing. It’s a fun and enjoyable way to find answers to your maths problems. With the help of this app, you can solve basic arithmetic, trigonometry, and algebra problems, along with several distinct mathematical topics like addition, multiplication, division, subtraction, and fractions.

4. Quizlet: You can download it from Google Play at $19.99 annually for getting unlimited assistance from it. There is a free version too but it will offer you only a limited amount of sets of flashcards that can be used. This is one of the most revelled flashcards apps present and it covers all topics that one requires to know. Also, you can memorize and practice terms, learn a new foreign language, share with your friends the attractive flashcards too.

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5. Khan Academy: Every education app development company should consider this educational app to develop their education apps as it offers every pupil tutorial videos, instructional videos, classes, and courses in every subject or topics like science, mathematics, history, economics and additional distinct subjects along with several unconventional topics. It has various versions according to the various age groups of students. This educational app is free and can be downloaded from Google Play. It also offers a progress tracking facility too.

6. SoloLearn: This app happens to be a constructor on Google Play with a multitude of educational apps. For education app development company or education app ideas, one must surely consider this app. This app specializes in computer programming languages and offers you a wide array of computer languages inclusive of Swift, SQL, JavaScript, C++, Python, PHP, CSS, Java. It also free and has apt consumer reviews

7. Wolfram Alpha: This education app also covers many topics from numerous subjects. This app assists you to understand the history topics, geography issues, solve mathematical problems, etc. This app is highly essential for all students. But it asks for $2.99 and sometimes suffers from connection issues.

8.  YouTube: For effective education app development and education app ideas, one must consider YouTube, which is considered one of the finest education apps that helps you to learn from a practical performance. You can get any how-to videos here and tutorials for anything. You can learn about any topic that is in your syllabus like solving any mathematical problems or science questions or simply learn something creative like dyeing, embroidery, painting, and crafts. You may also gather knowledge regarding the technicalities like changing oil in a car, etc. It is unconventional, free and can be downloaded from Google Play. To refrain from unwanted advertisements, you can pay $12.99 yearly but definitely, this app is not a primary place to learn.

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9.Socratic: This exceptional educational app should be reviewed to maximize your educational app development as it permits you to take pictures of several distinct things and answers you regarding those pictures. Take a picture of any chemistry formula, history question, or maths problems, and it will not only offer you with the correct solution but show you the procedure too so that you can use the method in future endeavours. It covers only 6 to 7 subjects but it’s free and can be used by any student of any age group.

10. Udemy: This education app happened to be one of the earliest education apps on phones. It offers more than 32000 courses for all kinds of subjects and topics, ranging from technology, science, marketing, health, fitness, cooking, entrepreneurship, photography, music, foreign language, business, design, software, etc. This app offers great quality content mostly. With great features and free or course-based costs, this educational app is perfect for your education and studies.

There was a period when smartphones were thought to be a distracting item for students. Parents and teachers attempted to make children or students refrain from using it while studying. But with advanced technology and progressing time, educational app development are a silver lining for parents. Now smartphones are transformed into a virtual learning environment where students can study, learn and enjoy education-related activities with concentration and ease.

This introduction of education app development has made studies enjoyable and simpler. Moreover, these education apps offer personalized learning styles, and as we know, every individual is different and so are their learning styles. Hence, with the aforementioned education apps, every individual can learn according to their requirements and pace.