The Top Must-use Apps for an E-commerce Business

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In 2016, the United Kingdom had one of the largest market shares in the e-commerce industry across the globe. E-commerce sales in the UK reached a whopping £586 billion in 2017. Its growth is expected to continue increasing in the years to come. Despite these facts, some e-commerce business owners still experience difficult challenges to grow their business, attract customers, and increase sales. Good thing, there are various solutions to address these concerns.

One of the most popular solutions that e-commerce business owners use nowadays is using a wide range of different e-commerce apps. If you are one of those who are struggling with improving the status of their business, you can try different tools offered in the market. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the top apps for an e-commerce business to help you take your business to the next level.

Top Apps to Boost your E-commerce Business

Tons of mobile, business, and store management apps are offered for entrepreneurs and business owners in the e-commerce market. Thus, it gets challenging for e-commerce business owners and marketers to choose which ones to use to boost their business. It also gets confusing to know which apps to use to help improve different aspects of your business. To help you narrow down the options, we’ve compiled some of the best apps worth trying:

  1. Slack— To boost your team’s productivity and communication, you can use Slack. It’s one of the most effective tools to help improve collaboration among different teams in different parts of the world. It acts as a centralized communication channel that allows you to assign tasks, schedule meetings, provide and ask for feedback and reviews, etc.
  2. Boost Sales— If you are looking for the best apps to increase sales, you should check out Shopify’s Boost Sales app. This app helps e-commerce businesses to increase sales and conversions by displaying pop-ups of products or services related to what the customer is planning to buy. It can be conveniently accessed via desktop or mobile devices.
  3. Mangools— One of the best apps you can use for your online store is Mangools. It’s an app focused on SEO. It provides you access to tools such as keyword finder, search engine rank tracker, site profiler, and more. These tools can help you get insights about your site’s strengths and weaknesses and enables you to find possible solutions and opportunities to rank better on the search engines and gain more free organic traffic.
  4. Mailchimp— If you want to boost your email marketing strategy, MailChimp is a popular and useful tool for that purpose. It allows you to build a huge mailing list, divide it into relevant groups, customize email replies, and automate your scheduled emails. It also provides email templates that you can use to compose high-quality emails for customers and business partners.
  5. Freshdesk— This one can be an effective solution for improving your e-commerce business’ customer service (which naturally can help you reduce the number of customer disputes. Another way of dealing with those is using services such as Purchase Guard). Freshdesk is a customer support app, which allows businesses to improve the monitoring and management of their customer messages and inquiries. It’s a cloud-based platform where you can access customer messages from chat, phone, email, and social media business pages.
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These apps can help you find practical solutions for your e-commerce business. Hopefully, the list above can solve some of your current business concerns. Don’t hesitate to continue searching for new tools and strategies if you come across new challenges in your business. Be aware of the things that can damage your business property.