7 Entertainment Ideas for Corporate Events

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Have you ever been in the situation where some of the guests are bored to death or are dozing off while the others are checking the phones?

This is the worst fear of the event organizers and most of them want to avoid such situations at any cost.

In order to steer clear of such a predicament, you should devise a solid event entertainment. Here are some of the reasons that you must consider for going for event entertainment.

  1. Increase the selling of tickets by building up the interest around the event
  2. Give the guests something to talk about
  3. Strengthen the bond between the team members
  4. Make the mission statement and the brand value stronger
  5. Add spice to otherwise dry events

In other words, it can be a good investment to book the right kind of entertainment. To help you out with the same, here are some of the fabulous ideas for you. Just take a look.

  • Social Photo Booths – Ever since 1925, people have been enjoying taking the photo booth selfies and that has not changed in the past few years. The social photo booths today simplify it for people to take GIFs, stills or videos. Not just that, they can also share the images on their accounts in social media instantly. Naturally, who wouldn’t love an event that offers such an opportunity!
  • Attendees at the Centre – There can be a lot of chances that are just waiting to be discovered just within your event structure. One way to rock the usual Q&A session is the incorporation of a toss-able microphone that adds further interest to the Q&A sessions. Instead of the boring task of passing the mic around, this is a new game that will keep the audience up on their tow and will improve the event engagement.
  • Sand Artists – The sand artists have been popular for quite some time now and with the television shows they have been especially a hit. In your event, these artists can perform customized sand animations for a variety of corporate events. These performances have a wow factor which will help the attendees to remember your event for quite a long time now.
  • Hypnotist – Watching the co-workers to bark like dogs or frantically look for their belly button is guaranteed to keep the guests entertained. The hypnotists professionally know how to work with the crowd and select the best participants for the show. The event organization is usually very simple and just requires a microphone and a few chairs.
  • Live Band – While this idea is not revolutionary, the live bands are great for corporate events. It is true that the big names can create a lot of buzz for your brand. It is for this reason that big brands try to rope in the best in the business for the Promotion of their brands. But don’t worry! You can also hire the local brand and keep your audience entertained without breaking the bank.
  • Interactive Eatables – You can well imagine how delighted the guests will be as they come across the multiple interactive beverages and food stations dotted all across the event. From a live station of stir-fry to customizable champagne cocktail bar there are a variety of creative ways of feeding the attendees and entice them simultaneously.
  • Dancing along with Video Mapping – The video-mapping dance groups have proven to be extremely popular for the events. The new technologies have allowed the performers to take the visual performances to the next level. These acts can incorporate specific graphics and music as well as corporate messages and logos.
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The above are some of the entertainment ideas for the corporate events that you can try to ensure the success of your events. Apart from the entertainment, you also need to arrange for the right food and décor. In the later case, the furniture and bar hire which will help to create the right ambiance without making a dent in the pocket.