5 Design Tips to Make Your House More Luxurious

Make Your House More Luxurious

Are you looking for a way to make your home sweet home a more luxurious place without having to spend excessive amounts of money?

Your home is your safe haven, so why not make it a comfortable yet luxurious place? There are some easy design tips that can make your home look expensive without you having to cash out loads of money. Now, you must be wondering how? Take a look at our design tips to see some of the ideas.


Redecorate the entryway

Redecorate the entryway

First impressions are important. What do you see when you step inside the house? No matter how small or big your entryway is you can make it look fabulous with just some simple design changes.

Start by adding an entryway table – this way you will have a way to center your entryway. This table doesn’t have to be big if you don’t have space. And if space is not a problem, then add a round entryway table for added dramatic effect. Decorate the table with flower arrangements (orchids for example), bowls and knick-knacks. Then decorate your walls with either a mirror (in case your table is next to the wall) or some other interesting artwork. And you’re done!

Crown molding and wainscoting

Nothing says expensive more than crown molding and wainscoting. And just imagine the visual effect you can add to your house if you mix and match these two?

Crown molding gaps the space between walls and the ceiling. And wainscoting is wood paneling added to the bottom of the walls just above the floor. Both of these wall accessories are the details that make the house look elegant and traditional. Both wainscoting and crown molding can be very expensive to install. However, there are some DIY ways to make them less expensive and easier to add to your home. Both of these architectural details are meant for larger and higher rooms, so be careful when deciding what kind you want to install in your home.

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Expensive exterior

What’s the point of your making the inside of your house look neat and expensive when the outside is obviously not? We have a solution for that too. Elephant Brick Co. offers a wide variety of all kinds of bricks. Brick tiles are one kind of the bricks that this brick company offers that can help you make the exterior of your house look luxurious.

Brick tiles are very thin an because of this they are ideal for covering the walls similarly as you would tile the tiles. These bricks come in many different colors and styles – from classic red bricks to dark ones made to look more weathered. Nothing says an old and expensive house like brick walls on it.

Refresh or repaint

Refresh or repaint

You can freshen up your home just by repainting it. If your aiming for a sophisticated and elegant look, choose neutral colors for your walls. Add an accent wall and that will be darker than the rest of the room. This will visually make your room seem bigger and it will give it depth.

And if you want to be bold, paint your walls in darker shades. Bold and dark colors can be very elegant. Especially if combined with touches of gold.

Additionally, when decorating try to avoid adding too much color. Accent colors are ok as long as you don’t overboard with them – one or two colors will do just fine.

Declutter and simplify

Do you know how they say that less is more? Well, this goes for home decorating too. Too much stuff on your bookshelves or mantelpiece will make a completely opposite effect from the one you want to achieve. If you want to make your home look more sophisticated and more elegant, tone down with the decorating. Declutter your bookshelves, simplify your styling and you will see a huge difference.

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As you can see, it doesn’t take much to make both the interior and exterior of your home look more expensive. A couple of simple tips will do the trick and make your home shine. Just remember less is more and your home will be more elegant and more sophisticated.