15 Common Reasons to Hire a Lawyer

15 Common Reasons to Hire a Lawyer

Did you know that there were more than 1 million lawyers in the United States by the year 2017? Legal representation is among the most sort after services in America. Americans hire a lawyer for varying reasons.

There is a misconception that all legal issues require a lawyer. There are instances where you can represent yourself in a legal issue without requiring an attorney. Answering to charges in a small claims court is one such example.

There’re numerous other instances where hiring a lawyer is necessary, though.

Reasons to Hire a Lawyer

In which situations should you hire a lawyer? You should know when having legal counsel would be of benefit to you. Here’s a list of common reasons to hire a lawyer.

1. When in Need of Legal Advice

There are myriads of instances in life when you need legal advice. You may not be in trouble legally or intending to sue anyone. However, you may need to understand certain legal standpoints and legal implications.

Hiring a lawyer under such circumstances may be important. The lawyer diverges information that is unknown to a nonprofessional from a consultative point of view. Even if you researched extensively, there are certain hidden legal issues, which require personal legal advice.

2. If You’re Unfamiliar With the Specific Law

In the United States, self-represented litigation is allowable. Nonetheless, you are not entitled to special treatment as a self-represented litigant. Imagine the court holding you to the same standard of legal experience as a lawyer.

It is likely that you would struggle to articulate the law. When dealing with unfamiliar law it is prudent to hire a lawyer.

The attorney is able to articulate the legal issues better, based on education and experience. Law firms such as McCarthy Law PLC can offer useful information and representation to help you deal the legal complexities.

3. You Have a Lot at Stake

You can consider the legal costs to be higher when charged in a small claim court. However, when what’s at stake is high, hiring a lawyer is your best bet. If charged with a criminal case, ending up behind bars is too much of a risk for you.

In a civil lawsuit, the total fine in case the court finds you guilty may also be high.

Hiring a lawyer under such circumstances can reduce the extents of legal implication on you or your business.

4. If You Need Concrete Representation

As a self-represented litigant, it is impossible for you to challenge evidence from an objective point of view. Lawyers have proper legal training to fish out contradictory evidence or illegally obtained proof of culpability in a court of law. The reality is that it takes time and exposure for a lawyer to be able to navigate incriminating evidence and invalidate it.

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You may need to hire a lawyer in case there is a need to challenge incriminatory evidence.

5. When Accused of a Capital Offence

All capital offenses attract a death sentence. You do not want to take chances when dealing with a possible capital offense such as murder. You may wonder why to hire a lawyer in such cases where the jury tends to find defendants guilty after incurring hefty legal costs.

Well, a lawyer can help reduce your charge, an aspect that makes you eligible for pardon or parole in the future.

6. When Dealing with Assault and Battery

Cases of assault and battery are common all over the American setting. What most people fail to understand is that such offenses may land you in trouble. In case you have ever accused of assault or battery such an offense may lead to a criminal verdict against you.

Hiring a lawyer can be crucial in such cases because the attorney works toward reducing your charge.

7. When Drafting a Business Contract

Should I hire an attorney when writing a contract?

This among the most common questions business startups struggle with because they are looking to save on costs. The answer is yes, you need to hire an attorney to ensure that your contract meets the legal threshold that makes it legally binding.

A lawyer ensures that such a contract has the key features that can make it admissible in a court of law in case of a breach.

8. Disputing a Contract

The ability to oppose the legality of a contract comes with experience and training. You need to hire a lawyer if you plan to challenge the validity of a specific contract.

A business attorney disputes the contents of a contract on your behalf and ensures that you do not suffer injuries.

9. Addressing a Settlement

Not all cases and conflicts end up in court. You may need to consider hiring a lawyer in case you are seeking for an out of court settlement. Lawyers can be mediators, negotiators, and intermediaries in a case involving civil lawsuits.

In such cases, both the defendants and the plaintiff cede their legal capacity in a normal legal setting in favor of an attorney-led process.

You may need to hire a lawyer in an instance where for varying reasons, you do not intend to proceed with a court process. Such alternatives are legally binding before a court of law. Only a qualified lawyer has such a legal mandate.

10. When Dealing With Divorce

One of the key reasons why you need a lawyer is to assist you when dealing with legal family issues. Issues such as divorce and the sharing of a property may be emotive. You may need a family lawyer to help you navigate such legal complexities.

Often, family lawyers have the legal mastery and the experience to navigate past such law-related intricacies. As a self-represented litigant addressing family-related issues may be overwhelming, which underscores the need for a lawyer.

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11. You Need to Hire a Lawyer in Cases of Adoption

Adopting a child is an exciting life-event. Nevertheless, without the right procedural process, it may turn out to be a nightmare. You need professional help to ensure that the adoption process is flawless.

The lawyer is useful in negotiating the terms of adoption between you and the legal birth parents of the child.

In case the child is orphaned, the lawyer also becomes the legal link between you and the adoption agencies. The reality is that such matters can have a strenuous legal process. Having a lawyer by your side can help you deal with any side issues that may crop out of the adoption process.

12. In a Case Involving A Child

Children are minors in a court of law. However, cases related to such minors including juvenile delinquency, physical and sex-related abuse require legal reprieve. Having a lawyer in such cases can assist you in making the best legal decisions.

In the case of a court process, hiring a lawyer with the requisite experience on juvenile law can help you with the entire legal process.

13. In Case of Traffic-Related Offences

One of the most common legal cases involves traffic-related incidents. You need to hire a lawyer to intervene on various traffic-related offenses. Most personal injuries occur through car accidents.

You may be the guilty defendant in such a case of the innocent plaintiff. Whichever the case, hiring an attorney should be a matter of immediacy.

People ask, should I get a lawyer in case of driving under the influence charge? You need a lawyer in such cases even if this is your first charge as a drunk driver. The charge may escalate to dangerous driving and endangering other motorists if a lawyer does not move swiftly.

Hiring a lawyer in such cases is important.

14. When Considering Immediacy

Should I hire an attorney even when I am not in the wrong?

People commonly ask this question regarding legal representation. Depending on the immediacy of the matter of hiring, a lawyer may be the most appropriate action.

The lawyer can handle your case while you focus on other things especially where such a matter is not urgent.

Hiring a lawyer allows you to focus on work, family and any other important issue while the lawyer undertakes the legal process.

15. If the Other Party Has Legal Representation

Sometimes you may not be as keen on legal representation due to varying reasons. The decision to hire a lawyer is not stipulated expressly. However, in most cases the decision to hire such attorneys is circumstantial.

It is hard to square it out in a legal discourse with an experienced lawyer if you are a self-represented litigant.

If your opponent has legal representation, you may end up having to consider hiring a lawyer. This ensures that you have a balanced legal rebuttal against your opponents.

Hire a Lawyer to Help You Navigate the Law

Hiring a lawyer may be a good decision. However, you may need to reflect on why you need to hire a lawyer. The decision to hire a lawyer should be in consideration of the need to save time, money, and inconveniences of self – represented litigations.

Lawyers bring to the fore, experience, exposure and the knowledge necessary to win your case. If you need a lawyer for either of the reasons above, wait no more.

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