Coming Back From an Injury: How to Cope Psychologically

Coming Back From an Injury: How to Cope Psychologically

Have you been in an accident and now you’re not feeling like yourself?

In these times, many people only address what happened to them physically. But there are some scars that no one can see.

After an injury, you’re likely dealing with a lot of emotions.

You might feel powerless because you don’t have the mobility you did before. Some experience guilt that they’re becoming a burden to loved ones. It’s also possible to have Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder after a scary accident.

It’s crucial to take care of both your body and mind when you’re coming back from an injury. Read on to learn tips on how to feel better after an accident.

Why You’re Feeling Out of Sorts

There are many reasons why people get down or depressed after an injury. Scientifically speaking, if you can’t move around right now, that will affect your brain.

During exercise, your brain releases endorphins. If you were an active person, you’re going to experience a sharp dip in these “happy hormones.”

On top of that, you are likely feeling some situational depression. To combat these feelings, it’s important to reach out to people.

Don’t Isolate Yourself

Now that getting around has become difficult it’s easy to isolate yourself. But, as you do so, you’ll start to feel more depressed.

Though you may not always want to, force yourself to see friends and family. If you’re feeling sad, ask them for help. Let them know that right now you need their support.

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You might feel like a burden, but you’d be surprised at how much people really want to be there for you.

Logistically though, you likely will be spending a little more time in the house than you’re used to. Think of this time as an opportunity.

Use This as an Opportunity

What are the quiet hobbies and interests you never used to have time for?

Spend more time with your spouse. Start writing that book you’ve had on your mind for years. Take up meditation!

Seeing the positive and doing something productive will allow you to take some control over your life.

Take Control Where You Can

After an injury, you’re likely feeling out of control. You might need a lot of help getting around. Suddenly, you can’t live life on your own time.

That’s why you should find ways where you can take some control.

For instance, maybe you were hurt because of someone else’s negligence. Dealing with a lawsuit might sound upsetting and time-consuming.

But contacting an injury lawyer to see what your options are will make you feel proactive. Even if you don’t pursue it, taking control will give you a renewed sense of purpose.

Be Kind to Yourself

Do your best not to wallow, but understand that sometimes you will have bad days. If you beat yourself up about that, you’ll only feel worse.

Try your best, but remember the most important thing is to just be kind to yourself.

Coming Back From an Injury: The Takeaway

Both physically and mentally, coming back from an injury is never easy. But with some kindness and hard work, eventually, you will start to feel a little more like you again.

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