House Styles Around the World

House Styles Around the World

Ever wonder how people around the world live? Or more specifically, what kinds of homes people around the world live in? Well, wonder no more! Here’s a survey of some of the more interesting and unique home styles from around the globe:


  • The wooden chalet has been a popular style in Europe’s alpine regions for centuries. Ski resorts around the world mimic the chalet style for their slopeside condos.


  • The Hanok is a signature Korean home often featuring a curved roof. Hanoks are typically built with raw materials – like timber, soil, and rock – that are all-natural, recyclable, and don’t cause pollution.


  • A building style that has become more popular in areas of the Southwest and Midwest U.S. in recent years is the barndominium. In older days barndominiums referred to wooden barns that had been converted into living space, but modern barndominiums are now being built with steel frames, roofing, and siding in custom designs for more versatile and adaptable residential space.
  • Bay-and-gable is a distinct architectural style common in Toronto and other areas of Ontario. The most prominent feature is a large bay window in the front, surmounted by a gable roof. These were often built as semi-detached rows of homes, and suited the layout of Toronto’s long and narrow lots.

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House Styles Around the World