Plastic Vs. Metal Leaf Rake: Which is better?

metal vs plastic rake

Who wants to keep a dirty and messy garden?  Of course! You must be looking forward to having the most amazing garden outside your home and this can only happen if you will take help of the best quality of leaf stakes. Leaves from little plants and trees can ruin the look garden after they fall down. Piles of leaves can also invite pests in your garden and that’s why you need to find out the best way to fight those harmful bacteria.

Before buying a rake for your garden, you need to make sure which kind of material do you want. Either you can buy metal leaf rake or you can purchase plastic rake. It your choice but you need to make the decision by considering your own requirements. So, here are some arguments over buying plastic or metal rake. After reading these tips, you can take the decision without any difficulty.


Plastic Rakes always break down to little pieces with the passage of time and due to extreme sunlight or cold weather, these rakes can get damaged. So, if you are looking for a durable and sturdy option, then you should purchase the metal rakes which would last for a long time.


If you don’t want to spend much money on buying leaf rakes, then you get the plastic one but if you are looking for a strong rake, then you should purchase metal rake which would last for a long time. So, the metal rake can provide long term benefits and it would also be recyclable.

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The quality of metal rake is better as compared to the plastic one. The plastic rake can get broken easily but the metal rake won’t get affected with the changing weather conditions or won’t break even if hit by a rock.  

These are some things which can help you to decide which rake would be perfect for your garden. Make sure that you take the right decision by choosing the best leaf rake which is affordable and durable for your garden. You should get the rake from a trusted online store so that there won’t be any chances of getting the duplicate item for the collection of leaves in the garden.

You can also get both the rakes in your garden as you can assign different tasks to both of the rakes. If the lawn has wet leaves, then you can get the plastic rake and for the lighter leaves, you can opt for the metal rake. Not only plastic and metal rakes but you can also decide to get the bamboo rake for your garden. It is totally bio-degradable and the handle of it can be used or the metal rake.

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  1. Nice Article! But I would like to suggest, if we are comparing between plastic and metal in that case wooden is perfect for home items. we can use every where.

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