5 Problems That Can Arise From A Leaky Roof

5 Problems That Can Arise From A Leaky Roof

Got a leaky roof?

Then you’re going to want to get that fixed up quickly!

A leaky roof is more than just a structural problem for your landlord to sort out; it can cause various health and safety issues as well. Regardless of whether it comes from a dodgy build, a ferocious storm, or inadequate maintenance, here are 5 issues that can arise from a leaky roof.

It Damages the Attic and Roof

In a detached suburban home, the first place to suffer ill effects is the attic. Any items you’ve got stored in the area will get soaked long before the excess water starts to drip into your home. From an owner’s point of view, the issue is much more severe. Leaking water will damage any light fittings, wirings and ruin the paint on both the ceilings and the adjacent walls. Over time, it’ll weaken any structural support sections, particularly those made of wood.

Mould and Mildew Are Awful

A leaky roof leads to mould and mildew growth. If left untreated, these ghastly multicellular fungi will spread throughout your home, sometimes hitching a ride through the air conditioner to reach every room. Before long, you’ll be completely overrun by slimy spores.

Mould and mildew are more than just an unsightly inconvenience, because the fungi provoke a number of severe health issues as well. Victims complain of nasal congestion, inflammation, asthma, and rhinitis, while those with an allergy, tend to suffer to a more severe degree. Non-toxic mould can contaminate ceiling tiles, wooden frames, carpet, and walls. Getting rid of the spores can prove to be very costly indeed.

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It’s a Safety Hazard

Mould related health concerns aside, a leaky roof also causes several safety issues. First of all, excess water can seep into the wiring of the roof and cause a short circuit, resulting in a fire. Given all the combustible fuel up there, that fire would spread lightning fast.

Another threat is that puddles of accumulated water might cause a slipping hazard. This may seem rather insignificant, but it’s vital to keep spills to a minimum, especially if you’ve got children or elderly people in your home.

It Compromises Structural Integrity

This is the big one, especially for the homeowner. A leaky roof will damage the structural integrity of your home. And the longer you leave it, the worse it’ll get. Even a minor water intrusion could cause damage to your wall frames, ceiling joists, and rafters, among other things. More significant leaks will rot wood, causing them to deteriorate to the point they may need to be replaced entirely. If you’ve ever done a renovation, you’ll know that’s going to be one heck of a costly job. 

It’ll Cost You More

While water intrusion won’t ruin your insulation, it will cause it to stop functioning correctly until it has the chance to dry out. When wet, insulation loses most of its efficiency, which ultimately results in a higher electricity bill.

These days, plumbers can use the latest in leak detection technology to pinpoint the root cause of the problem without ripping a massive hole in your roof. For water leak repair services, contact your local plumbing specialists today.