The Best Things to Do in Birmingham, Alabama

The Best Things to Do in Birmingham, Alabama

Having a variety of activities available to you is an important factor in any vacation you plan. Not only does it make sure that you don’t go bored during your time off, but it allows everyone in your group, whether you’re traveling with friends or family, to have a good time.

Spending your break in Birmingham, Alabama, is a wise decision if you want to get involved in as many activities as possible. The attractions in this city allow you to learn about history, get fresh air and take pictures of amazing creatures. This guide aims to show you the best things to do in the Magic City.

Birmingham Civil Rights Institute

Time away from work is time to learn about all kinds of new things, and the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute fits the bill in the city. This spot is full of archives, galleries, and exhibits that show the struggles in achieving racial equality over the years. Programs for locals, tourists, adults, and children are available so that everyone can learn in their own way.

Before you go, stop by one of the many AT&T stores in Alabama so that you can update your phone or get a new one that will be able to take photos of these different parts of the institute and add to your collection.

Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame

If you’re a fan of a certain genre of music and want to test out other areas, then a visit to Birmingham will allow you to learn about jazz, one of the oldest genres in the United States. Visiting the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame is full of videos, photos, and music equipment used by legends such as Ella Fitzgerald and other big names in the jazz world. Additionally, all members of the family will be able to enjoy some live music, thanks to the jazz performances that are held throughout the city.

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You can even turn this into a personally guided tour on your smartphone by downloading the The GPSmyCity App, to get the real experience of the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame.

Birmingham Zoo

There are many things that both children and adults can enjoy — one of them is getting close to some of the biggest animals from different parts of the world. That is a possibility in the Magic City thanks to the Birmingham Zoo, the home to almost 900 animals from six continents, including gorillas, leopards, polar bears, tigers, and wolves.

Visitors get to learn about a variety of species that are endangered and how they can be preserved. The zoo is not short on education outreach programs that can help tourists learn about the environments that the animals come from and how they can be secured.

Pepper Place Saturday Market

Whether you’re looking for local food to try or want to stay healthy during your stay, you should stop by Pepper Place Saturday Market so that you can get your hands on fresh, seasonal food. You will be able to choose from different types of fruit, vegetables, meat, bread, cheese, and herbs, as well as pastries if you feel like treating yourself.

It’s best to take home one of the gifts so that you have a souvenir to remember the trip by. This market is currently open from April to December, so we recommend careful planning for your trip to Birmingham.

Red Mountain Park

Spending a vacation in the city doesn’t put you out of reach of activities that grant you fresh air and the chance to get close to nature. That is the case with Red Mountain Park, which is full of hiking trails, climbing walls, rope courses and zip lines that help you get exercise and excitement on a sunny day.

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Those who don’t want to leave their dogs at home will be happy to know that this park allows you to walk them without a leash. This park is also only 10 miles away from the downtown area, so you won’t have to spend much time or money on the drive over.

McWane Science Center

If you are a science fan, the McWane Science Center is for you. This destination is fit for families and is great for people who want to learn about space, animals, technology, mathematics, and engineering.

The exhibits provide a more hands-on experience for kids so that they can have a fun time learning new things. Examples include Just Mice Size, World of Water Aquarium, NatureScope, Collections Center, Alabama Dinosaurs, Sea Monsters and Explore!, and guides are available throughout the area to answer any questions guests might have.