Features and Benefits of Kitchen Splashbacks

Features and Benefits of Kitchen Splashbacks

Kitchen splashback panels have become a vital element of the modern kitchen. Splashbacks can be produced using a variety of materials including glass, acrylic, stainless steel and tile, adding to the aesthetics of your new kitchen. If you’re still not convinced about choosing splashback panels for your new kitchen, we’ll explore the features and benefits of kitchen splashbacks here.

Easy Cleaning

Even the most careful cook is still likely to cause splashes and spills in the kitchen. Kitchen splashbacks prevent excessive dirt and grime accumulating on your kitchen walls and surfaces. Splashback panels are designed to be resistant to grease, water, and oil, making cleaning easier. Whether you have a splash, spill or greasy marks from cooking, a simple wipe is usually sufficient to return your kitchen to a sparkling clean state.

Heat Resistance

Most kitchen splashback panels are created out of heat resistant materials. This means that they can provide a splash and spill free surface that is safe to use in hot areas such as behind your stovetop. This means that you don’t need to worry about splashes hot sauces and dishes causing damage. You just need to wait until you’ve finished cooking and give any splashes or spills a quick wipe.

Increased Light Reflection

One of the greatest benefits offered by kitchen splashbacks is that it creates a reflective background. Depending on your choice of splashback and the material used, it can increase light reflection to create a more open and airy feeling in your kitchen. For instance, you can have a mirror splashback to provide a reflective background to brighten up your kitchen and create an illusion of increased space. Even materials such as glass or stainless steel can increase the amount of natural light in the room to brighten up space. Highly light reflective splashbacks can work especially well if you have under cabinet lighting, to create a sophisticated effect when you’re entertaining in your kitchen.

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Complete Your Kitchen Aesthetics

When you’ve taken the trouble to choose the perfect countertops and agonized over your choice of cabinets, you don’t want to leave a gap between the two that will draw the eye. Even if you choose great paint colors, the lack of a splashback can be jarring. The right splashback will actually tie the elements of your kitchen together to complete the overall look.

Facilitates Unique Touches

While your choice of cabinets may be similar to others, you can add real character to your kitchen with splashbacks. Whether you choose a sleek mirrored finish or bold and colorful mosaic tiles, you can create a unique look for your kitchen that reflects your personality and style. You can even add some high-tech touches such as LED lights to create a unique backdrop for your new kitchen.

If you’re planning a new kitchen and need help choosing the right kitchen splashbacks, you should contact us. We have a wide variety of kitchen splashbacks, and our team would be delighted to answer any queries to help you make your purchase decision.