Top Home Cleaning and Maintenance Blunders that Make Your Work Harder

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Unconsciously, you may be cleaning your home the wrong way. Perhaps, you’ve been using the wrong cleaning solution. Maybe, you always forget to include an essential task to your usual routine.

Whatever mistakes you’ve been doing, you have to start cleaning up your act.

We’ve gathered the most common cleaning and maintenance blunders that you should avoid below.

Spraying cleaning and polishing solution directly on the furniture

It’s common for people to spray cleaning and polishing solutions directly on the surface of a furnishing. However, this is not the right way to do it. If you continue doing this, you will end up wasting too much cleaning product.

Always spray the solution on a microfiber cloth first and wipe the dirty surface afterward. By doing so, you can use less product but still achieve a clean finish.

Using the wrong cleaning solution for outdoor furnishings

Your garden furnishings need extra care and attention because they’re exposed to the extreme weather conditions. You need to allow time to clean them. Also, you must ensure that you use the right tools and cleaning solutions. Here are some tips you can follow:

  • Cleaning rattan furniture won’t require special tools and solutions. You only need a soft bristle brush to remove dirt inside the crevices of your wicker furniture. If the accumulated dirt won’t come off, you may use a pressurized washer.
  • If you have wrought iron garden chairs and tables, you must use a soap solution to wipe off dirt and stains. Make sure to wipe the chairs and tables dry after cleaning them to prevent corrosion.
  • To clean plastic garden furniture with deep-seated dirt, use baking soda solution. If it’s already faded, you can apply an automotive paste wax using a soft rug to restore its shine.
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Failing to declutter the bedroom

Top Home Cleaning and Maintenance Blunders that Make Your Work Harder sheets

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It’s quite common for people to store their junk in their bedrooms. If you’re guilty of committing the same mistake, you should start decluttering your bedroom.

Check all the items in the bedroom and categorize them according to use. To make things easier for you, try to use a box or basket to separate your things. You should have one box for your junk, another for misplaced items and one more for things you should keep.

Also, consider rearranging the fixtures inside the bedroom. To avoid overcrowding the limited space, try following decorating ideas for small bedrooms.

Forgetting to clean the mop and the sponge

When you use the mop the floor you should never forget to tidy it up. If the bucket of water looks cloudy with dirt, you must discard its content immediately. Refill the bucket with your cleaning solution.

Otherwise, it will only take you longer to finish mopping the floor.

The same rule applies when you use a sponge to clean any surface. If the sponge looks too soiled, you should clean it. Using a dirty sponge won’t help you with your cleaning routine. Additionally, you might accidentally spread germs all over your house if you use a dirty sponge.

Believing in speed cleaning

Unless you clean your home every day, you should never attempt to do speed cleaning.

While we understand that you just want to save time, we still recommend spending at least an hour to complete your usual cleaning routine, most especially if you have a medium or large house.

Make sure that you don’t miss any spot or do things the wrong way. As much as possible, you must pay attention to every detail.

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Forgetting to clean the vacuum filter

Failing to empty the vacuum dirtbag will affect the suctioning ability of the device. It can also cause severe damage to the vacuum because the debris might get stuck in the suctioning parts of the cleaner.

After using it, make it a habit to empty and clean the filter or dirtbag. This way you can ensure that it works smoothly for a long time.

Failing to fill in the gaps in the grout

Cracks and gaps in the grout can lead moisture and water damage. As moisture or water escapes through the cracks, mold and mildew may start to accumulate. After a while the remaining grout rots.

Fixing water-damaged parts of the house can cost a lot of money. Hence, once you see signs of cracking or rotting on the grout, start working on it. Remove as much substrate as you can and fill the gaps with caulk.

Take note, you don’t have to remove or break the tiles. Just get rid of the damaged grout.

Top Home Cleaning and Maintenance Blunders that Make Your Work Harder chair

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Doing household chores may be tiring, but it’s worth it once you see how nice the entire house looks. Which cleaning and home maintenance blunders are you most guilty of? Remember the tips shared above so you can keep your home spick and span all year round.