5 Expert Tips to Develop Capstone Project Ideas for Nursing in 2019

5 Expert Tips to Develop Capstone Project Ideas for Nursing in 2019

Coming up with capstone project ideas for nursing seems easy, but it can definitely make you question your own knowledge. You have studied for a few years by now, so it should be a breeze, right? That is not the case for everyone. Coming up with an idea to help you get a high score and close the book on this chapter is nothing but easy. In fact, this can be the most challenging part of the process. Once you have a clear understanding of what you base your project on, the rest is just hard work. These tips will help you develop a capstone project idea without lying awake at night.

1.   Add value

The topic you chose need to be impactful and add value to the healthcare industry. This is always one of the most popular choices for good reasons. If you are passionate about this industry, you want to make it better. When you think of DNP project ideas think of a way to solve a current problem. This should give you some great ideas.

2.   Specialize goals

You can align the problem you want to solve with your career goals. Being a nurse is great, but a lot of nurses want to grow even more. Think about what you want to be doing in 10 years’ time. You can use this as the foundation for your project.

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3.   Don’t go easy

Many students just want to get this last part of the program over and done with. It can be done with choosing an easy topic. This is not going to help you grow, but it can help you pass. Instead of going for the easy options and just getting by, you want to challenge yourself. Is there a topic you wish you could write about, but it is controversial or difficult? That might be the better choice for you to make an impact in the industry.

4.   The patients

Think about some work you did with patients and what their challenges are outside of the medical issues. Is there a way to improve service to these patients? As a nurse, the patients are ultimately your customers and showing that you care about them is a sure way to score some points. Of course, you need to do in-depth research to make this a good one.

5.   Brainstorm

Don’t beat yourself up or give up when you cannot come up with an idea right off the back. It takes time to develop a concept you can add value to. A brainstorming session might be in order if you feel stuck. Instead of looking up the funniest college jokes, you need to get to work. Sometimes you need to step away for a while from a challenging problem and other times you have to sit with it intensely.

What are some great nursing capstone project ideas?

Are there any ideas we could use as a foundation for future nursing students? The internet is already full of options to base your project on, but this changes as the years go by. A lot of work goes into a capstone project and you want to make it worth your while by choosing a winning topic.