Hobbies are activities that offer you pleasure and relaxation

Hobbies is an activity that offers you pleasure or relaxation

What are hobbies?

Hobbies and interests are activities aside from your profession that you wish to do in your leisure time. These hobbies play an integral part in our life. Good Hobbies brings joy & enrichment in personal lives. It gives fun to our routine life. Moreover, professional hobbies help all to make the positive use of their leisure time.

Difference between hobbies and interests

·         Definition

Hobby is the activity which is done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure.

Interest is the feeling of wanting to learn more about something or to involve in something.

·         Active Pursuit

Hobbies can be pursued actively.

Interest cannot be persuaded actively.

·         Interdependence

Hobbies can be driven by interest.

The Interest would not be necessarily leading to the hobby.

Benefits of Hobbies

Now the question arises why should we have hobbies?

1.      Makes life more interesting:

     With hobbies, everyone gains lots of experiences and stories which they can share with others. With professional hobbies, you get knowledge from everyday life. Moreover, you can teach others with hobbies.  With interesting hobbies you have always something to do in your free time, so you never feel bored in your life.

2.      Relieves stress:

     With hobbies, you remain engaged in some useful work due to this the stress in life has been reduced to some extent. It aids you to get relieved from stress and gives a feeling of pleasure and a break from your routine activities.

3.      Makes you more patient:

     When a person has to pursue a new hobby, then surely that person learn something new.  Chasing a hobby in regular life develops patience in person life  &improve its ability how to focus on things.

4.      Improves confidence and self-esteem:

     With a new hobby, you learn and achieve something new and get an opportunity to excel in life & develop confidence. It also gives you a sense of pride for your accomplishments. It is important to pursue a new hobby instead of passing away your leisure time.

What are interests? 

Interests mean the person has inner attention, feeling, concern, curiosity to engage himself in one specified activity at one time such as poetry, philosophy, chess and so on. Interest is the feeling of wanting to know and learn about something for someone. If one is having a strong interest in any subject, then he or she may turn it into the hobby.

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But the interest may not necessarily a hobby. A person may be having interests, but not all of them are having hobbies. However, interest leads to a hobby most of the times. For example, if a person is having an interest in painting, then he may take it up as a hobby in his leisure time.

But this does not imply that if a person is interested in a particular field or subject, then he or she would pursue it actively. An example of this is, a person might have an interest in music, but in that case, he may not play any musical instrument or sing often. He might be listening to music in his pass time but it does not mean that music is his hobby.

What is the difference between hobbies and passion?

The hobby can be very casual while the passion cannot. Someone enjoy doing the jigsaw puzzles in the spare time, but that person has no inner feeling to doing this particular activity every day. Jigsaw puzzles are there only considered as the person’s hobby, but not recommend his passion.

Secondly, the hobbyist is always the amateur, no matter how skilled the person in his hobby. By definition, the hobby is for relaxation and not for the generation of the income. If someone is enjoying the baking, then he becomes the baker, baking is no longer now considered as the hobby. The person job cannot be considered as his hobby, but it can be considered as her passion.

People are usually feeling much stronger about their passions,  but the same feeling does not arise in the case of hobbies. In  Passions emotions, feelings are more for something as compared to hobbies.

Overlap of passion and hobby:

When you are thinking about the passion and hobbies than in the terms of Venn diagram the two overlapping circles. Usually, hobbies are very casual but not necessarily. If the person is more intense towards his hobby than it is very likely that it is also his passion. Hobbies are also the passions and it may be turned into the career at some point of life,  then, in that case, it is no longer the hobby that you usually did in one’s spare time.

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The definition of the hobby includes the note that some people do hobbies for relaxation in their life. Passions mean the person has strong emotions to get something in life at any cost.

Types of hobbies

Enrichment hobbies – These hobbies improve quality of life  & change the mindset of people towards life.

·         Foreign language study

·         Writing/blogging

·         Reading

·         Music/musical instruments

Sports – Sports are kind of physical activity that helps to reduce stress and build up person health.

·         Horseback riding

·         Jogging/walking

·         Team sports: bowling, volleyball, soccer

·         Yoga

Social activities – Sometimes social activities benefits persons in life. With this hobby, person  get a chance to involve with more friends & meeting the new people.Ultimately its increase social interaction.

·         Dinner and Movie club

·         Card Games

·         Volunteering

·         Ballroom dancing

Creative hobbies – The creative outlet is good for many people. It is a good way to achieve creativity & gain success in the specialized field. 

·         Needle arts: cross stitch, embroidery

·         Scrapbooking

·         Drawing/photography/painting

·         Jewelry making

·         Pottery

Collecting – Gathering items & objects as a hobby offers fun & frolic to person as well as enhance their knowledge in a particular field.

·         Decor

·         Antiques

·         Postcards

·         Genealogy

Outdoors –Go outside for enjoying the fresh air & natural environment,   do physical activity in routine life is outdoor hobbies. These can also be called hobbies fun.

·         Bird Watching

·         Hiking/geocaching/Letterboxing

·         Fishing/Hunting

Domestic hobbies – People do this hobby because they feel relaxed & accomplished to perform these activities in daily life.

·         Knitting

·         Cooking/baking

·         Quilting


It is important for everyone to pursue one hobby of any type in their life. Hobbies always give relief and relaxation to the person from the busy and stressful life. It also gives a break to the person from the daily routine and makes life more enjoyable. It is also a good way to show your hidden talents and it can sometimes become a  good opportunity to earn income. So everyone must pursue a hobby in their life and try to make life more enjoyable.