5 Travel Ideas For Your Next Wine Tasting Weekend

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A bag full of cheese popcorn and binge-watching Netflix could be a great weekend idea. You could also enjoy the end of the week with your friends with a Jameson black label party.   But if you want to up your game by a notch then why not try a leisure walk with an alluring glass of wine in your hand. Wine tasting is about walking in the fresh air of a vineyard surrounded by plump and gorgeous looking grapes soaked in the bright sunlight. It is a bewitching experience given there are flavorsome wine waiting to enchant you with their charm. There are various regions you could add to your wine weekend itinerary if you would like to experience true beauty and the enchanting flavors.  Here are 5 destinations you could plan your wine tasting weekend to that promise to give you a lovely experience.

  1. Napa Valley, California: Standing among the top 5 countries in wine production,

      the US has California leading the way to serve the world an outstanding collection of wine. Napa Valley is among the best choices to start your wine tasting weekends. It belongs to the San-Francisco Bay area and the destinations soak in aromas and flavors from over 400 wineries. The oldest wine caves at Schramsberg would be a gorgeous place to begin your tasting. From here visit Silverado trail, Castello di Amorosa for an exciting wine adventure. Napa Valley is particularly famous for its divine flavors of Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon. Wine festivals, wine train and bus tours and so much more facilities are available to make the weekend an unforgettable experience. Include Sonoma County to the list if you would like some luscious Pinot Noir. A motorcycle ride on maybe a ktm could introduce you to an enchanting experience and off-road adventure in this area. This place also offers the ultimate wine experience that is as fine as its wine.

  1. Willamette Valley, Oregon: The Pinot Noir from this area has an ethereal flavor and aroma to it. With about 5 wine trails and over 300 wineries, you can thoroughly enjoy the beauty of the vineyards cycling around. This area delivers the finest wines of the Pacific Northwest area favored by the soothing climate. Burgundian wine varieties are a specialty here with wineries such as in Utopia vineyard – Hamacher and Merriman producing world class Chardonnay. The International Pinot Noir Celebrations brings together a three-day event hosting over 70 different varieties of Pinot Noir from across the globe under a starry blanket. While in Willamette Valley try the 2013 Malbec that will leave succulent taste trails.
  2. Barossa Valley, Australia: The mind-blowing aroma of Shiraz and the gorgeous Rieslings that fill the Eden Valley all in the same place, well, this couldn’t get any better. Located an hour away from Adelaide the area is populated by numerous grape growing families. This destination has a unique mixture of both warm and cold climates that make it appropriate for growing rich varieties of grapes. Yalumba is among the finest wineries of the area that is also the oldest. Australia has a unique travel charm given they love the tourists to relish the beauty of their country. Various wineries offer wine tastings along with a meal at the on-site eateries which gives you a chance to experience both the authentic wine and cuisine from the area.
  3. Schnebly Redland`s, Miami: If you wish to soak your taste buds in flavorful varieties then your next weekend plan should take you directly to Miami. The artistic interiors of the beloved tasting room in Schnebly Redland will leave you awestruck. The tree-like glass racks, the wine fermentation barrels that are used to create the table and the intricate craftsmanship reflected in the murals on the ceiling will add to the overall experience. The coral waterfall and the lush green courtyard make a picturesque setting to enjoy every sip of wine. The vineyards of this area are quite unique from the rest of the places you will ever visit. You will never find grapes in the entire area and the vineyards are fruit only zone that is filled with exotic fruit ranges such as passion fruit, lychee, avocado, and mango. The tour will take you through the history of the Miami brewing company and a chance to witness the craft of winemaking.
  4. Mosel Valley, Germany: A land that could mesmerize you in seconds with its ethereal beauty, Mosel valley is every fairy tale backdrop you have ever dreamt off in reality. The majestic castles, the flowing river and the scenic landscapes of hills that are flourishing with ripe grapes, this place is picturesque. The delicate flavors embodied in the Rieslings that are grown in this area turn into phenomenal white wines enriched with aroma and taste. Muller-Thurgau is another widely planted variety here. If you would like an authentic wine tasting experience under the pastel sky, then visit Weingut Monchhof located in Urzig. This is a former monastery where you will get to sip a delicious glass of wine among the breezy mountains as you watch the dusk fall. If you would like to hike through the vineyards then make a two-hour schedule ahead to visit the enchanting trails through the Calmont-Klettersteig vineyards.
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These destinations attract tourists from all over the world who come here to experience the mystic flavor of wine that is unique to the areas. A shot of don julio tequila can heal the exhaustion from the whole week. But a sip of traditionally made Pinot Noir could take you on a blissful ride of soothing flavors that will rejuvenate your mind and body.

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